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11 Ways Dating and Dating for Marriage are NOT the Same

“Dating” is not the same as “Dating for Marriage.” They are two completely different paths and lead to completely different outcomes.

And that’s why “Dating” sucks for so many women. It’s because your approach is to simply “Date” when what you NEED and WANT is to “Date for Marriage.”

So it’s not “Dating” that sucks, it’s your dating APPROACH that created suckage. And if you change your dating approach, you will change your dating RESULTS.

“Dating” is casual and recreational.

“Dating” is for the enjoyment of socializing, companionship, and entertainment.

“Dating” is focused on exploring different relationships, meeting new people, and enjoying a variety of experiences.

“Dating” has a short-term focus (not necessarily on purpose, but because we’ve neglected to give it any other INTENTION or focus). The default emphasis is then left to the short-term and immediate gratification rather than discerning if and creating long-term compatibility or commitment.

“Dating” almost always ends up in a series of short-term relationships or dating experiences without fulfillment, purpose or longevity and because of the lack of intention and focus, it also often ends up in heartbreak and grief.

Dating for Marriage” is purposeful and goal-oriented. You’re actively seeking a life partner and are interested in building a committed, long-term relationship.

“Dating for Marriage” inquires about things like compatibility and shared values. You are SELECTIVE in your choices because you’re looking for qualities that are conducive to a successful marriage. I am always telling you that these are masculinity, mental, emotional and physical health and relationship readiness.

“Dating for Marriage” has a purpose and a goal – and that is to establish a committed relationship that leads to marriage. You’re invested in building a future together as life partners and not available to haphazardly engage in casual or short-term relationships.

In the context of “dating,” I frequently see women deceive themselves about their true intentions, engaging in casual relationships without acknowledging the patterns that may be detrimental to their well-being.

This includes giving time and energy to men who haven’t invested in you and accepting a secondary role in your life.

When “dating, I notice women don’t foster the responsibilities in co-creating a healthy relationship, such as speaking up about needs, appreciating efforts, and allowing room for mistakes. I see women end up settling, sacrificing, or playing small and then HATING dating.

On the other hand, “Dating for Marriage” involves a conscious and purposeful approach. It requires honesty about past patterns, a commitment to stop harmful behaviors, and intentional dating with a focus on building a committed, long-term relationship.

This is the mindset I help you develop in my 90 day 1-1 intensive. That is why my clients meet their match in an average of 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week and get engaged within apx 12 months.

When you have the “Dating for Marriage” mindset and APPROACH, you take responsibility for your role in a healthy relationship, prioritize vetting potential partners, and aim for engagement and marriage within a specified timeframe. This is the other part of a healthy relationship that I teach you in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

I teach you to put your emphasis is on co-creating a partnership, being aware of relationship dynamics from the start, and making decisions based on your personal values, needs, desires and goals, rather than societal pressures or convenience.

Here’s a list of behaviors that distinguish the two dating approaches. You can think of it as the Dating Devil is in the Details LOL, OR two roads diverged in wood and I, I took the one less travelled by……because these two dating approaches are COMPLETELY different paths and they therefore lead to different outcomes.

Dating and Why it SUCKS:

  1. You’re not honest with yourself about why you’re dating; you tell yourself it’s for fun, entertainment and adventure BUT you actually want LOVE
  2. You accept being the side dish in his life and in so doing you’re unconsciously repelling men who want to make you the main course
  3. You avoid your responsibility for your part in the equation of a healthy relationship
  4. You’re not committed to creating marriage for yourself – and it’s usually because of sabotaging beliefs such as or you don’t believe marriage is possible for you because you’re not worthy of love or because the man you think you want, you tell yourself doesn’t exist
  5. You don’t work on the attitudes and beliefs that keep you stuck and single
  6. You accept sex without commitment or the safety and container you need as a feminine woman (no shame in this if you’re having sex for sport!!! Just be clear about which one it is so you’re creating your life and circumstances consciously)
  7. You’re OK to date to “see where it goes”
  8. You’re OK to meet to “get to know him”
  9. You focus on if he likes you instead of on if YOU like him, feel good around him, respect him and admire him
  10. You’re not aware that you’re building a relationship from the very first interaction online, on text on the phone and in person so you just do whatever
  11. You continue seeing him because it’s convenient and you don’t want to face the “dating” jungle again

These are just some of the ways women APPROACH dating that makes it suck.

The minute you stop approaching dating this way, is exactly when dating and its outcomes will shift for you. And they will shift into meeting your dream guy like in 3 months.

This is exactly what I help you do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

It’s for single, sensitive spiritual women who are sick AF of dating and can’t understand HOW it can possibly be any different and are frustrated because they want their man already!

I help you re-align your dating approach to a dating for marriage approach and that makes all the difference! Just 3 months baby!

Send me a DM if you know you’re ready for the real deal and no longer wish to date for entertainment and recreation but for TRUE LOVE. I will reply with a few questions and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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