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October 2023

Miracles Like True LOVE Require REST

I can’t say enough about the importance of resting and relaxing when working to manifest miracles such as the miracle of sacred partnership love or any other miracles. Resting and relaxing IS the energy that attracts miracles. We cannot create miracles out of fear, anxiety, pressure or scarcity. I tried, you probably have, too. Manifestation mentors and Love Coaches tell… Read More »Miracles Like True LOVE Require REST


Dating: A Self-Empowerment Journey

Many women think of dating as a means to an end. All they wanna do is meet their guy. But it’s SO MUCH MORE. It’s a personal growth journey.It’s a healing journey.It’s an empowerment journey.It’s an understanding men journey.It’s an understanding masculine and feminine energetics journey.It’s a journey into your sacred sexual self, if you allow it.It’s a journey into… Read More »Dating: A Self-Empowerment Journey