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3 Simple Ingredients to Get Unsingle Fast

Here are the 3 simple ingredients you need to get engaged in 2024 to your dream man.

First, you need introductions.

You need to be meeting 1-2 high quality masculine men ready for a relationship weekly so you can take your pick.

How do you get introductions? My favorite way is online dating platforms. They work fast, super easy (if you know how to sort) and can be really FUN!

Another way to get introductions is in person.

You can ask your friends for introduction, ask your friend’s boyfriends/husbands if they can connect you with their single buddies and you can ask your girlfriends to set you up with their single brothers or brothers’ friends.

Another way to get introductions is clubs, events, bars, social gatherings, neighborhood sports teams, volunteering, the list goes on and on. And another one is matchmakers. There are PLEANTY of ways to get introductions.

But guess what?

It doesn’t really MATTER how many introductions you get if you DO NOT know the signs of a healthy masculine man who is ready for a relationship.

Because then you might get introduced to someone who appears MASCULINE (has a nice thick beard for example, LOL) but isn’t a healthy or ready for commitment because he still hasn’t worked through his divorce from 5 yrs ago.

Sure, he will take you out and pay for dates, hold the door open for you. But when it comes to feeling that he’s someone you can really trust and depend on, he’s out the door.

You might hang out in this connection for months and even years, waiting for this man to be ready or “figure out” what a great catch you are or you try to prove it to him at the cost of your self-esteem, serotonin and sanity. You will come out of it broken so I’d rather you just not go in it, not on my watch.

Or you might get introduced to someone who appears to be READY for a relationship because he says he’s “looking for the one,” but isn’t a HEALTHY person even though he might be a masculine man.

He might behave like the man above, and SAY that he has your BACK and is in it no matter what, but he’s actually someone who is narcissistic and deeply wounded and can’t emotionally connect.
And you might date this person for years, telling yourself he loves you has your back but makes a lot of mistakes and hurts you, but hey, no one is perfect.

In the relationship you’re actually deeply lonely and alone. This will also cost you your self-esteem, serotonin and sanity. You will come out broken from this one too, so I’d rather you just don’t go in it, not on my watch.

Or you might get introduced to someone that is a healthy human being and he’d like a relationship but he’s not a MASCULINE energy being, even though he’s in a man’s body.

He’s the one that you will feel a GREAT connection and friendship with. You will know he has your back.

But the spark will just be missing for you.

And you might end up being with THIS guy for years because you trust him and love him, even though there’s no spark, telling yourself the spark always fades.

But in this relationship you will feel like you’ve got a great friend and you can’t ever fully be yourself, the deep feminine part of you who wants a connection to a masculine man and sacred sex to boot.

Nope, you won’t have that. You will feel unwanted, rejected and so might he. He might be a gay man, even, and still not know it. This will also cost you your self-esteem, serotonin and sanity. You will come out broken from this one too, so I’d rather you just don’t go in it, not on my watch.

ALL of these are going to strain you, sour you on men and make you resentful and hate online dating or dating at all. But then what do you do, if you DO NOT want to be single? If you’re craving love, connection, touch, sex, romance, intimacy, partnership, union?

See, it doesn’t matter WHERE the introductions come from; your friend, the app, the grocery store, the bar, the matchmaker. It does NOT matter.

You STILL have to know if this is a masculine man who is healthy and ready for a committed relationship.

So you need:

  1. Introductions.
  2. You need a way to tell if the man you’ve been introduced to is a masculine being, a healthy person and ready for a relationship – this is what I can tell almost immediately due to my years of experience and not because I am better, only because I became a master by being a disaster LOL
  3. And then the last thing you need, is to get out of your own way so you can RECEIVE

So getting a TON introductions when you don’t have good selection skills, when you don’t understand men and when you don’t know what you need to be a good life partner is throwing your time dating AWAY. It’s a waste. A drain.

If you’re like most women, that’s probably happened to you in your life, more than once.

And if you’re really ready to solve this problem, I offer the proven solution in my 90 day 1-1 Meet Your Man intensive.

Because you’ve probably already realized that this dating thing is a little tricker than you thought.

You’ve probably been down and around the block a few times and maybe even in a few marriages.

You’ve probably tried online dating and maybe even paid a matchmaker.

And you’re just ready to throw your hands up in the air. But you just can’t do that either, because you WANT love. And you’re RIGHT!!!! Don’t give up on love!!!

I have the solution for you.

The solution which works over and over predictably within apx 3 months or about 5-10 dates/introductions following my method to connect you with your dream man.

Just send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1 on 1 intensive. I will respond with a few questions over messenger to see if it’s a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

My clients meet their match in just 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week which means that using my method you can be falling asleep in the arms of Mr. Right before the end of 2024!!!!

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