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3 Things You Need to NEVER Feel Drained While Dating Again Part 2/3

Dating is draining because you’re GENERATING Part 2:

Stop generating and watch your dating life transform into a delectable, nourishing, and joyful adventure filled to the brim with goodies men want to get to provide for you, if you LET them.

Many MANY women tell me that they find dating exhausting, draining and not fun at all. But then when I ask to see her message exchanges it’s always the same reason – you’re WORKING too hard.

There are 3 reasons for this and once you shift these 3 things you will never feel drained when dating again. Yesterday I told you the 1st of 3 reasons which is my 3Ls. I will link that post and LIVE in the comments.

Those 3 Ls are so important because if you truly embody them, you will NOT be working, hustling, generating, and twerking so you won’t be drained.

Just kidding, I know you’re not twerking, right? LOL

Anyway, the second part of this has to do with the environment you’re in on your dates.

Many of my clients are highly sensitive, intuitive empaths and women like us are NOT Ok at the average loud sports bar, violent movie flick or crowded restaurant.

These are exhausting places for us to be and if we don’t give our gentlemen quality information about what we desire, they may end up taking us to one of these unfortunate places.

That will for SURE absolutely drain you.

So set him up to succeed and TELL him where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do.

I always coach my clients to pick a place they like for coffee that’s close to them and easy for them to get to or a place that’s nearby where they like to eat.

That’s just 2 places to pick and have ready IF he asks.

And YES they are close to YOU and no they are NOT places YOU have to WORK to get to.

He should come to YOU. And if he’s a healthy masculine man, the way I teach you to date, he WILL.

And he will WANT to. So LET him. LET him. LET him. 🙂

So when a man asks you what you’d like to do – not because he wants you to plan the date but because he wants to make you happy – you can TELL him.

When I was dating there was this restaurant in San Diego called the Indigo Grill. It was about a 10 min drive from my house. It was in a swanky area and I loved almost everything on their mid-range menu.

When men asked me where I’d like to go, I would TELL them. I would say, “There is this cute place in Little Italy I know that has good food.”

And then he’d say, “oh ya, what’s the name?”

And I’d say, “Indigo Grill.”

And then he’d say, “Ok let’s meet there.”

And I was happy. The place was quiet, convenient, with great food and staff. I was happy.

And I had a LOT of dates at the Indigo Grill, LOL.

I could probably write a movie script about all my dates at the Indigo Grill.

And actually no, none of the waiters noticed because it was always a different night of the week and they changed often. I remembered some of them, but they didn’t remember me LOL.

And guess what? That’s where my hubby took me too, on our 2nd date. And it was PERFECT! Here’s the photo. 🙂

So assume that he’s going to ask you where you’d like to meet so have your fave 2 spots ready.

You only need 2 spots. Not 10. Just 2. A coffee shop and a restaurant. EASY!

You can say something like, “I love this little coffee shop on 5th called the Yellow room.”

Or, “I like this cute Thai place on Union St.”

TELL him so he can be set up for success to provide for you the thing that will make you happy.

When he takes you there, he wins! You can appreciate him and say I am so glad we came here, I love this place! And yay he feels like he earned a point. That he’s already winning with you.

And this is just a kindness towards ourselves AND our men when dating. Men are not dating experts and dating is no walk in the park for them, either.

This move isn’t mothering, it’s not emasculating and it’s not controlling.

It’s PARTNERING, IF he asks and if you’re dating the way I teach you, most men will.

Women sometimes say, well I want him to lead I don’t want to have to think and come up with a place. You don’t have to think. Just have 2 places you love ready to share, if he asks.

Because otherwise you run the risk of being taken somewhere loud, crowded or both and not feeling your best.

So tell him so he can WIN with you.

These are just some of the small shifts I coach you onimplementing in my Engaged in 12 Months program. That’s why it works so well and so fast. For some clients it happens even sooner, but we don’t need to rush.

When you LEARN the skills I teach you in this container, you’re set up for a happy healthy marriage – a sacred union – for LIFE.

I talk to marriage coaches all the time that have to work on these simple skills with their clients after 30 years of marriage and resentment.

These simple skills of asking for what you need, checking in for yourself so that you’re not sacrificing (this builds resentment), and setting up your masculine partner to WIN with you.

These are simple things but they are SOOOO important and unfortunately NO ONE teaches us.

We SHOULD be learning these things in every grade but we don’t.

For many of us, we don’t learn them in our families of origin, either.

That’s why I am SO passionate about this work. Day after day I see the results my clients have in their relationships with men that lead to tears of joy, relief, heart opening surrender and full body trust.

This is a complete paradigm shift from how the world teaches us relationships but it IS possible to create and it’s where we’re heading and Feminine Leaders are leading the way to transformed and thriving relationships witht he masculine without strife, resentment, or sacrifice.

My Engaged in 12 Months container is a year-long and private 1:1 container that leads to engagement to your dream man so it’s a HUGE life changing result that my clients consistently get. It’s 22,222 paid in full or 12 x 2222.

And honestly I will be raising the price by the end of the year because women are spending SO MUCH more than that on Matchmakers, Fertility treatments, Artificial insemination, Divorce, Egg freezing and Mediation.

ALL of these costs can be avoided if you do this work so ya, it’s very potent and it’s weekly private sessions with me for a year!!!

If you’re interested, send me a DM and we will have a quick chat to see if this contaner is right for you.

And I will be going live today at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST to talk about this second very important point about how to avoid draining dates and set your man up to win by TELLING him what you’d like.

Love, Emilia

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