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3 Things You Need to NEVER Feel Drained While Dating Again

If you feel drained by dating you need to read this!

Dating is draining because you’re GENERATING.

Stop generating and watch your dating life transform into a delectable, nourishing, and joyful adventure filled to the brim with high-value masculine men who want to provide for you.

Stop generating and LET men do that part and suddenly you will float lightly in the breeze, singing about all of your favorite things 🙂

But you have to LET them generate and NOT the other way round. This means learning how to invite men to pursue.

This is a lost art but actually very simple and straightforward and I teach you this step-step so you can apply it right away!

Many MANY women tell me that they find dating exhausting, draining and not fun at all.

But then when I ask to see her message exchanges it’s always the same reason – you’re WORKING too hard.

There are 3 reasons for this and once you shift these 3 things you will never feel drained ever again while dating.

The first thing to shift is what I call the 3 Ls.

The 3Ls is super simple but super important when I am coaching my clients to attract high-value masculine men, because without that the foundation is shaky.

The 3Ls are:

1. Lean back to let him lead,
2. Listen to learn,
3. Leave space to let him close “the gap”

These are so important because if you truly embody them, you will NOT be working, hustling, generating and twerking so you won’t be drained.

Just kidding, I know you’re not twerking, right? LOL

These 3Ls are as much an art as they are skills that can be learned very quickly and then embodied consciously.

I call them the dance of partnership, kind of like when you see a Salsa Dancing couple swiftly move and lean into each other like a continuous wave flow, we create something like that in sacred dating with the 3Ls.

Lean back to let him lead him is when you relax in your feminine and let him take charge to make you feel good. Yes we have to invite them by dropping in our feminine so that they can make us feel cherished and provided for.

Sadly that’s not common in our modern dating world which is the reason why many feminine leaders get exhausted with the conventional dating practices.

Listen to learn is not just listening with your ears, but with your body, heart and spirit. This will tell you a lot about that man and his values which you need to know in order to build a sacred partnership. We embody this through some somatic practices in my coaching.

Leave space is when as a feminine you create a space for him to pour into and let him win. High Value masculine men play for points and each time you leave space for him to pour value, love and provision into you, he wins and continues doing that.

This is the 1st of the 3 things that needs to shift so that you don’t feel drained on dates and instead attract high value masculine men who make you feel safe to drop into your feminine.

I’ll share the other two things in the next 2 days consecutively, in the meanwhile I encourage you to reflect on your dates & how and where perhaps you take the lead instead of letting him take the lead.

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To be continued….

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