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For Divine Feminine Wild Women Visionaries and Healers….

Thank you for being a treasured part of my online community. The year is waning to a close in just only about 7 short weeks. And the 11/11 portal is opening. How will we celebrate as 2023 comes to completion and position ourselves for miracles in 2024?

I know where the soulful feminine leaders are gathering! TAPESTRY.

I would like to humbly request your presence with us for celebration, transmission and gratitude.

TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 11/11 Experience is an evolutionary 3 day virtual event rich with divinity, beauty and creational energy, designed exclusively for women.

Over three days, 18 women will share transmissions of Aquarian energy, wisdom teachings, spiritual practice and unique artistry.

These women have been mystically called as points of light and change interweaving around the globe. I am deeply honored and delighted to be part of the collective bringing Sacred Union Codes to you.

The signature of feminine energy is purifying, structuring and revealing herself in new ways, and TAPESTRY Feminine Collective is on the leading edge of this exquisite and intimate renaissance.

Every woman is welcome here, deeply invited to weave her love, her energy, her creation and magic into the global TAPESTRY of feminine energy on our planet – now and for the generations to come.

Please join us. TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 11/11 Experience opens Today – Friday, November 10.

Looking forward to reveling with you there,

Emilia Matiwa Prarie Wolf

Sacred Mystic Wild Child Dancing You (yes you, dear reader) Home

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