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A Secure Man Wants a Women in Her Power

Healthy masculine men WANT a woman to be in her power.

When a man allows a woman to be in her power, it means he respects and supports her individuality as a separate being, with her own unique capabilities, and personal agency.

He recognizes and encourages her ability to make decisions that empower her, to express her thoughts and opinions, and to lead her own life.

Essentially, being in your power in this context implies having the freedom to be true to yourself, make choices aligned with your values, and as a feminine being, feel safe to express your deepest feelings and desires without fear of being judged or rejected by your masculine man.

Have you had a romantic relationship with a man like that before?

For me, my authentic power and self-expression were not allowed in my family of origin.

I felt to be powerful in my feminine power meant I would get judged by my father as aggressive.

I don’t think there’s much worse a daughter can hear from a father than that she’s somehow unworthy of love because she is a, b, or c (in my case I was very smart supposedly but I was too fat to be loved and also I was a financial burden).

On top of that my father said I disappointed him after I took a semester off university to live overseas where I learned a whole other language (Spanish).

Needless to say, this put me in a precarious position when I started dating men for marriage and I just wanted to be loved.

I was afraid to be myself. I was terrified of expressing my deepest needs and desires.

I was terrified of being rejected the way my father rejected me, for being me.

So I created a whole bunch of relationships with men where I never really felt connected.

They didn’t have my back. They were not there if I really needed them.

But it’s because I picked the wrong men. It was almost a subconscious self-protection strategy.

I didn’t want to risk my heart being broken by another man the way my father broke it by not seeing me and accepting my authentic self.

And of course, what do you know; I kept attracting men who broke my heart – not because they were bad men but because they couldn’t be MY masculine man.

I picked effeminite men, unhealthy masculine men and narcissists until I broke the cycle and ended the generational curse.

I help my clients do the same by becoming the healthy feminine being she already is, undreneath the wounds that get healed, attracting a healthy masculne man and creating a healthy thriving family.

It is a very very special thing to stand in your feminine power and be allowed your full expression by your masculine man.

A healthy masculine man lets the tides of a feminine woman’s emotions wash over him and he just holds and grounds her.

He doesn’t duck or run away.

He doesn’t judge her for being a woman.

He is not looking to be in a relationship with another masculine man LOL.

He is a masculine man and he understands that part of her magic IS her forever flow of life.

For me, my husband was like a crisp and clear winter day on a tall snowy mountain.

He held me in the pits of despair and in the ecstacy of joy and he offered no judgement or superfluous quick fix patronizing solutions for my pain, the way other more insecure men (like my father) tried to dismiss it in the past.

He was present. He stood with me. He was next to me in the storm.

“How can I help?” He said.

That is a masculine man who allows his feminine to be in her full power.

He’s not afraid of it costing him somehow. He’s too secure for that.

He is not worried it will take him down a notch, because he knows in his masculine core he is a strong, grounded man.

He loves, cherishes and lives for the magic and delicacy his feminine woman brings to the relationship but that in no way paints her as weak or inferior in his eyes.

He SEES her.

Want that kind of man?

That’s EXACTLY the kind of man I help my clients attract in apx 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week.

I also help you align with your pure sovereign creative power without hiding, compromising or playing small.

Yes, he is IN for that, YES he wants that. No healthy masculine man wants any less.

Hundreds of women that have been my clients have proven this to be true again and again.

If you’re ready for real love, my Engaged in 2024 program’s doors are open! Send me a DM and ask me about it. We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we will jump on a call to square away the details and get started right away.

Can’t wait to meet you! Emilia

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