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Align With Your CORE Polarity to Attract Your CORE Complement

There absolutely are healthy masculine men who have an authentic masculine CORE polarity essence and who are ready for divine union with a feminine core being.

But you’ll never create that spark if you don’t KNOW or ACT like you’re a CORE feminine essence being and if you walk around in life – and especially date – as if you aren’t one.

But Emilia…..aren’t we all just a blend of masculine and feminine energy? I did so much work to heal my dis-empowered dark feminine and masculine. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do?

Yes, absoFNlutely, healthy women (and men and ALL humans) are a blend of both feminine and masculine energy. And…..

Yes, absoFNlutely, healing the disowned and dis-empowered (shadow) aspects of ourselves whether they be feminine or masculine is a BOSS ASS healing move.

But no, we are not all JUST a blend of the two, even though that’s what a lot of relationship coaches are now teaching. Nope.

You need to align with your authentic CORE polarity and attract your CORE complement.

That’s when you ignite the fire of forever.

Very few souls come into a body as a perfect blend of both. These kinds of souls are the exception and not the norm.

Women who are CORE feminine (most biological women) become exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically when operating in their masculine energy/polarity.

Men who are CORE masculine (most biological men) become frustrated, feel thwarted and incapacitated when forced to operate in their feminine energy/polarity.

You may have healed your wounded feminine and masculine energies. YAY!!!!

And you may have balanced and harmonized your healthy feminine and masculine energy. YAY!!!

But if you’re not aligned with your CORE energy essence and sourcing your LOVE life from that core essence, you will continue to miss connecting and igniting that spark with men.

You actually need to go beyond balancing masculine and feminine within – which is super important in becoming a healthy human – to ALIGNING with your CORE polarity AS WELL.

I am reading posts from many female leaders that say that once they aligned with their human design, suddenly life and business became almost effortless.

Well, it’s the same with romantic relationships.

Once you align with your CORE polarity, and DATE with that energy, igniting love and passion that lasts becomes almost effortless, too – as long as you select a healthy masculine man.

Try it! And if you’re not sure how, just send me a DM – I help you nail that in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Love, Emilia

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