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All it takes is these 3 things

There are 3 things you, as a feminine woman dating for sacred union, need to know about a man when dating. You will completely STOP attracting the wrong men if you follow this.

  1. Is he a masculine being
  2. Is he a healthy human (not perfect, I said HEALTHY)
  3. Is he READY for a serious relationship

I talk a lot about how to know the first two but I have not made as much of a deep dive into the latter.

So how do you know if a man is READY?

And how does my methodology and dating strategy allow you to gauge that prior to investing a ton of time and energy connecting and getting attached?

Here’s the tea…

The Essence of Masculine Energy: Recognizing the hallmarks of a ready and healthy man.

A MACULINE man that is HEALTHY and READY for a serious relationship engages in a series of behaviors over time.

Not a long time. Like we can observe it over just a few weeks.

That’s why multiple dating is a must, so that we can assess a few different men’s health and readiness (at a time), before you connect and attach.

This prevents a TON of drama and attaching to the wrong man.

Navigating the Dating Dance: The importance of multiple dating for identifying the right partner.

Let us use online dating as an example of how you’re sourcing your introductions to men.

It starts with him sending a message to you. That’s why I say never go “shopping” the profiles and don’t bother initiating with any men as that will not create the desirable energy flow that will allow you to determine #1-3 above.

Even if all his message says is “hi,” just write back, “hi” lol.

Have fun, take it lightly. He’s just pinging you, or checking if your profile is active.

You don’t have to WORK at all.

Just reciprocate the energy that comes your way.

When his message is received/appreciated and reciprocated/returned, if given the invitation/opening/quality information such as a phone number and a time, he will call you.

Or he might text, or message back on the app, asking when a good time to call is. TELL HIM 🙂

If that is received/appreciated and reciprocated/a time given then he will take ACTION on that invitation.

When his call is received/appreciated and reciprocated, if given the invitation he will ask you on a date.

YAY you’ve got an introduction to a very likely healthy masculine man.

If the date is received and reciprocated with an opening to be asked on another date, he will GENERATE.

Men who are NOT healthy or READY won’t roll with these junctions.

It will feel hard to them AND to you.

It will be too much work for you AND for him.

It will feel like pulling teeth for you. NEXT!

It takes observing a man over a few of these junctions (messages, calls, dates). Let’s say 5-10 or so, to gauge whether he’s MASCULINE, HEALTHY and READY.

Men who are not healthy masculine energy won’t work that “hard” and with that much intention to GENERATE.

But men with HEALTHY masculine energy will be ENERGIZED by this process. They LOVE IT!

They will feel like they are being ALLOWED to be themselves.

They will sail through the junctions with flying colors, joyfully, easily and without any help from you.

If you’re a feminine woman….

Even if you’re successful…
Even if you are a boss babe…
Even if you get shit done all day every day…
Even if you’ve got 2 PhDs..
Even if you run million dollar businesses…
Even if you CAN do it ALL and don’t “NEED” anybody…

You WILL NOT be happy EVER if the man you’re with does not have healthy masculine energy.

That is why that is the very FIRST thing we look for in the men I have you multiple dating.

Then in the process of multiple dating, over just a few weeks, at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, you will have the opportunity to observe a man over a few more junctions.

That will give you the information you need about whether, in addition to having masculine energy, he is ALSO a HEALTHY human…..

And if he’s a HEALTHY human ready for a RELATIONSHIP.

From Sorting to Sacred Partnership: How to ensure the energy flow aligns for lasting love.

Healthy masculine men ready for a relationship SHOW UP a certain way.

We’re looking for that way of them showing UP specifically, in the way that we conduct our dating life.

Now I want to be very clear that as you’re dating there are a FEW men that are in this place, where they are healthy humans, masculine beings AND ready for a relationship.

THOSE are the men you want to SORT FOR and then when you’re dating a FEW of these men, THOSE are the men you will pick your favorite FROM.

I want to be clear that at any given time, if you’re sourcing your introductions from online dating platforms, friends, matchmakers, clubs, bars, toastmasters, lol, whatever it is, you STILL need to SORT for men that are HEALTHY, MASCULINE and READY.

I want to be VERY clear that MOST of the introductions you get will NOT meet these criteria.

That’s why it’s important to SORT and not CONNECT in the beginning stages before and after and introductions until we’ve determined if a man is healthy, masculine and ready.

If you’re ready to meet your match and you’re sick of dating and having no luck, joy or fun with the process, I can help!

In my 90 day 1-1 intensive, we use online dating platforms to procure introductions to healthy masculine men that are ready.

We also work on positioning you in your feminine energy because if you’re doing all the things but you’re not ready to receive a masculine man’s provision in your life, it won’t work.

AND we work on you learning and embodying the healthy energy flow of a sustainable and fulfilling relationship so that you have the tools, understanding and embodiment to create a sacred partnership that lasts for life.

If you’re interested in this work, simply send me a DM and ask me about it. I will respond back with a few questions to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

My clients meet their match in just a few dates – like 5. At a rate of 1-2 dates a week, that happens within just a few weeks of working together.

If you’re really ready, this is a proven path that is fun and WORKS not only to connect you with your person but to also give you the foundation of forever by understanding and embodying the RIGHT masculine/energy flow for a healthy couple in lifelong love.

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