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And She Lived Happily Ever After, IS a Reality

We’re at a pivotal time in our Human History.

New information about our Cosmic origin is coming out daily.

For eons we’re been in the dark about romantic love.

We’ve been creating it in an adversarial paradigm.

Men against Women.

Sacrifice, compromise and settle, or be ALONE.

We’ve been doing love following in the footsteps of Humanity’s dark overlords.

The malevolent patriarchy frequency doesn’t even belong to humanity.

Within us lies the blueprint – the divine design for sacred union.

If you’re a spiritual person, you will understand this.

Because you already know – there is who you actually really are, at your core, and then there is who the world tells you you are and those are NOT the same.

It’s the same with relationships.

The world tells us what “love” is and we create according to that blueprint blindly.

Until we have our spiritual awakening….

And we’re brought to the threshold of the real truth: Humanity’s divine design is far more magical, loving and sacred than we dared imagine.

That’s Ok. All of this is changing. More of us are imagining more now!

One by one, we are awakening to our true identities as spiritual beings……

As beings with creative, sovereign power….

As beings of light, love and synergy.

And this awakening and understanding, naturally will forever change the nature of all relationships.

But HOW?

There are so few models of true sacred partnership love in our world today.

Everywhere we look, there are multiple examples of debauchery, adultery, promiscuity, infidelity.

And yet within humanity is an innocent and pure blueprint for love that is simple, fulfilling and free.

The very energy flow of nourishment, love and support is under attack in the family unit.

We’re not taught the simple reality of creating and sustaining functioning and nourishing relationships.

There are some couples living out their divine design in their sacred marriage divine union.

But most are not.

Yet, there is a blueprint to be claimed that’s already there within us and I believe Humanity as a whole is awakening to this.

I am here to help you awaken and to remind you of what is within you.

“And they lived happily ever after,” IS a reality.

As long as you’re not deluded with living perfectly thereafter.

The truth is, nobody belongs in your marriage but YOU, your beloved and God.

Not the church.

Not the mainstream media.

Not even your families of origin.

Not even your kids.

It’s a co-creation between you, your beloved and your Maker.

Because Divine mind DID design relationships and marriage.

We’re supposed to do relationships IN OUR power.

But what’s modeled to us is to give it away.

In the old Earth model, relationships were: It’s you OR me. Either you get what you want or I get what I want. It can’t be both. Only one person wins.

In the New Earth model, relationships are synergies. You come as your full self and I come as my full self. We are both powerful and we co-create. We’re synergizing and we’re infinitely more than the sum of our parts.

This is the path to New Earth.

War and peace start in the family.

If we have peace at home, we have peace in the world. It’s very simple.

And more: My belief is that all creatures are Good.

Only hurt people hurt people.

I learned this very early in life growing up in the warzone of my family of origin.

I vowed to create peace in the world by first creating peace within and that allowed me to create sacred union.

Many women tell me that they don’t believe what they want exists.

And I am here to tell you, it DOES exist.

But it does not exist within the paradigm that most of us create relationships from.

We must essentially shift dimensions into the 5D and many of us are on the path!

It is my dream and vision that everyone who wants real sacred marriage on earth has the skills, ability, training, example and help to do that.

That is my mission and dream for all of us and that is what my book coming out in 2024 is about.

If you’re ready for the New Earth Love paradign shift, sacred marriage and soul union, then I want to HELP you create that!

Send me a DM and ask about my Engaged in 2024 Program where we will date, connect with and lay the foundation for lifelong sacred partnership love.

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