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“Bro Polarity” isn’t for Feminine Leaders like you

“Bro Polarity” isn’t for Feminine Leaders like you.

This advice is probably going to be a little controversial…

And as a qualified relationship coach, this isn’t something that I would recommend to any woman and every woman who wants a happy, healthy relationship.

But if you are a multi-passionate, multidimensional, spiritual, heart centered businessperson, healer, artist, coach or entrepreneur, then this advice will speak to your heart.

This is something you want and need to hear.

Stop trying to make traditional polarity teachings taught by men work for you.

I work with women just like you every single day.

And this is your permission slip to let that stifling polarity teaching go.

Let ROLES go.

Things are a little more nuanced than what I am going to call Bro Polarity LOL, but not complicated.

What happens when we try to restrict our creative flow in a particular polarity – such as the feminine polarity, is we just are not able to tap into our intuition and really create our relationship with our man from a place of spirit and not from ego.

That’s because we’re all BOTH polarities.

If we are trying to push ourselves towards being, expressing and embodying the feminine constantly it’s just NOT going to be authentic. Healthy masculine men can tell you’re faking it because they are in touch with their intuition also.

Why? Because you’re a feminine leader. You’re a FEMININE person who is a LEADER. And yes, leadership is traditionally a masculine role.

But just because you lead yourself and your life, doesn’t mean you WANT to lead your marriage.

In fact, what most feminine leaders want is a PARTNERSHIP with a man who leads, too.

I have fantastic news! Healthy masculine men want that too!!!!

Traditional polarity teachings would have you believing that you need to put the leader part away to attract a healthy masculine man.

You may even hear coaches like me telling you to be in your feminine and so you keep trying but it’s just not GENUINE at all moments, in all circumstances.


You don’t have to be feminine at all moments and in all circumstances to have a HOT, HAPPY and HEALTHY marriage with a masculine man that leads.

Not in the least.

You just want be who you need to be, your authentic beautiful blend of polarities. An intuitive, spiritual, creative woman who needs to LET things flow naturally and not be stuck in a box.

The thing that kills me is that a lot of relationship coaches will tell you, your feminine energy, your feminine energy will equal success with men.

And while in most cases, YES that’s true, INAUTHENTICITY will get you nowhere, even if it’s FEMININE.

And if you’re a feminine creatrix visionary, then you need to live inspired – and that will mean that who you are in your partnership will be truly ALIVE.

And THAT – your passion – is more feminine and attractive than any other quality you might be holding yourself to.

And your aliveness and passion will create a more synergistic, more fulfilling and more arousing partnership with your male partner than anything you could possibly do while you’re trying to stuff yourself into the feminine compartment of a two-dimensional box.

For those of us feminine women who are multifaceted (I hear his is very common with Manifesting Generators, am I right?), we NEED to get to flow between polarities to express ourselves fully.

What’s important is that you know yourself deep down and you don’t let your powerful, creative, achieving muse take over the relationship with your masculine man.

You CO-CREATE with him.

This is your permission slip to let all of those restrictions go and create a partnership that’s yours and on YOUR terms and your partner’s terms – not something that is a copy of someone else’s ideas or even society’s roles.

This is one of the reasons why when we work together I have you really get aligned with your feminine, vulnerable, receptive side and how that’s just as courageous as manifesting by taking action and slaying goals in your creative or entrepreneurial work.

And I coach you to BE her as much as possible in the first 1-3 months of dating.

I am not coaching you to be there at all times and at the COST of your true self-expression.

It’s not a life sentence.

No you will not damage your relationship if you own and express the parts of you that are driven, ambitious and action goal oriented as long as you ALSO express and own the parts of you that long to be cherished, are vulnerable and want to be led.

But what staying aligned with that part of yourself in the dating journey will create is your ability to SENSE a healthy masculine man and really connect with him on every level.

Then once you’ve met a man and you’re clear that he’s a masculine person and you’re clear that you’re a feminine person, you two can play!

There are going to be feminine aspects about him just like there might be masculine aspects of you. This is NORMAL and HEALTHY and doesn’t make him a woman or make you a man.

We don’t throw those out!

We enjoy them and use them to co-create the dreams of the relationship and then to create our own lives and be in service of our mission.

Polarity is just something a conscious couple knows about and watches and balances intentionally like a person committed to their health watches their sugar intake and balances their day with exercise.

That’s it that’s all the END.

You need it to thrive just like you need a healthy diet to thrive but it’s not the ONLY thing you need and it’s not going to solve all your relationship woes.

So if you know you’re at this level of integrating polarity teachings into your life, I am here to help! Send me a PM and ask about my 90 day intensive where yes we nail ALL of this so you can attract and sustain a real soulful union that lasts a lifetime because it honors, nourishes and fulfills the real people in it.

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