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Can Single Friends Help You Have A Successful Marriage?

No, you can’t learn to be a wife from a single woman. Not an empowered, happy, thriving wife with a husband and family to match.

Like sorry for this very unpopular and uncomfortable truth, especially for some single women.

I recently posted this and got the proverbial cyber tomatoes and eggs thrown at me, LOL.

I wasn’t posting it for click bait as I was accused. Is it too really much to believe that I actually THINK this? This is my opinion as a woman and as a relationship coach.

Nor was it any kind of judgement on being a single woman. It’s simply my observation as a woman and as a relationship coach.

This is my 9th year coaching relationships and my 25th year diligently and devoutly studying and learning about relationships and what makes them whole and thriving.

And no, sorry a single woman cannot teach about marriage.

This doesn’t make single women wrong, or bad or less than somehow.

This isn’t saying single women should strive to be married and married woman should strive to be single.

I don’t care if you’re married or single.

I am here for single women who are feminine leaders believing in a Higher power who WANT a sacred marriage with a masculine man.

I am not saying you should want this.

I am only speaking to the people who DO want this.

Can single women give helpful advice to their girlfriends? Sure.

Can single women be guided by God to help their spiritual girlfriends? Of course!

But a single woman hasn’t walked in the shoes of a married woman and therefore, no, she cannot teach you how to be a happy, empowered wife.

I am soooo shocked by the unfriending, blocks and attacks LOL.

When I browsed through the 170 + comments, I noticed that very few successfully married women commented. And the ones that are happily married, agreed.

And a LOT of single and divorced women commented – and they commented negatively, sometimes disrespectfully and in a way that was hurtful and demeaning. Like they thought I was attacking them.

I wasn’t, I was simply stating an observation, an opinion and a belief. On MY page.

Why are single women so touchy about this issue? Doesn’t it make you curious?

Byron Katie says, defense is the first act of war. Why are these women ready to wage war over this?

I wasn’t saying single women have no value, but you would think that that’s what I said. Do you think so? I am so interested in your thoughts because I think I discovered something here…

Am I going to be tarred and feathered for telling single women they don’t know how to be a wife? Why?

I think single women with humility agreed. These women are wise.

Many single women didn’t agree but I didn’t hear one valid reason why.

I think I discovered another pocket of deep delusion and mainstream programming that is NOT helping us have holy matrimonies.

This is my opinion.

This is my experience.

I have a right to it.

And it’s not meant for everyone.

It’s meant for single women who want a sacred marriage and who want to be a happy, joyful, thriving, empowered wife with a happy, thriving, joyful empowered husband and a happy, joyful, thriving empowered family.

That’s it, that’s all the end.

If you’re not wanting to create that in your life, this post isn’t for you. Scroll on.

And if you do want to create that, but you think I am attacking you and demeaning you for some reason and/or you think you can learn HOW to create that from your single friends or divorced friends, also scroll on. I am not for you.

I hear it again and again how my clients dating for marriage get sidelined by their single girlfriends on THIS topic. Same with their divorced girlfriends.

I frequently coach my clients NOT to follow the advice of these women who are NOT in the arena creating what she’s creating, doing the deep work like she’s doing. This is healthy and helpful for her.


Would you ask a broke person to teach you how to make money?

Would you ask an unfit person to help you get in shape?

Would you ask a person who has never built a house to build yours?

Would you ask a person who has never written a book to show you how to write yours?

Would you ask a person with no sense of fashion to help you look fashionable?

I think not. I mean there are a gazillion valid examples of this.

So then WHY would you put value on people’s opinions who have not created what you’re creating in YOUR life?

Who have no experience with what you’re working on?

My advice is DON’T. It’s not helpful. It can be destructive.

You can’t fake LIVED experience, you just can’t.

You simply can’t know what you learn by living and doing.

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