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Feminine, Masculine Dynamics: Empowering love Relationship despite good money Disparity!

Can there be a relationship where she is in her feminine and he is in his masculine when she makes more money than him?

The answer is YES!!!!!

It’s all about the energy flow within the relationship.

It’s not about money. And it’s not about the roles or what KIND of energy each partner provides, as long as the energy is flowing from masculine to feminine and is reciprocated back to masculine again.

Reimagining Gender Roles: Partnership and Empowerment in Relationships

There’s some teachers that teach that to be in your feminine you should take care of the household, such as cleaning and food prep, shopping, etc. And that if you don’t do it, you should be the one accountable for it. These ideologies teach that men should be financial providers.

And maybe because I talk about the masculine providing and the feminine receiving, it might be inferred that I am teaching the same.

But I don’t. I actually teach that the couple should discuss, decide and negotiate the roles that each partner wants to have in the partnership. YAY!

The whole way that I teach relationships is PARTNERSHIP.


That means one person is the masculine polarity and one person is the feminine polarity. This is regardless of gender although in general, biological men are masculine polarity and biological women are feminine polarity.

There are differences however those are the exception and not the rule.

So in a partnership you get to DECIDE together what roles work for the partnership rather than take on pre-prescribed roles, whether traditional or not.

However I don’t advise that you start DECIDING on roles while you’re dating in the first 3-6 months or so. And I also don’t advise that you simply assume that because someone is in a male body he’s masculine. And that because he’s masculine, he will earn the household money.

Yes, we are all a blend of masculine and feminine and yes, balancing our masculine and feminine energy is an important part of adulting, lol. However, almost ALL humans have a core polarity, either masculine or feminine and it’s rare to meet a human that’s completely spiritually androgynous.


The masculine energy system operates in a bottom-heavy way in that the lower 3 chakras are stronger than the top 3. And the feminine chakra system has its top 3 chakras stronger than the bottom 3.

That’s why the sexual joining of a feminine and masculine brings these complements together and creates one energetic body that is able to conduct spiritual or life force creative energy, otherwise known as Kundalini.

Navigating Masculine and Feminine Energies: Creating Sacred Union in Modern Relationships

During the first 3 months of dating, I recommend simply feeling out if the person you’re dating is the complementary polarity. Because I work with feminine women I coach women to occupy their authentic core feminine polarity when dating and look for or “filter for” masculine people.

Because if the person you’re dating isn’t the complementary polarity, there will be no opportunity to create sacred union which is the masculine and feminine energy flowing in an infinity energetic shape between the hearts of the partners, anchored by the energetic complements of the chakra system coming together.

If you’re missing this KEY ingredient, you will not have a foundation for the fire of forever which is the life force energy shared and circulated within the relationship between the partners in a way that’s sustainable, nourishing and fulfilling for both partners.

Nowhere is it written as law that just because you are the feminine polarity you should earn less money than your partner in the masculine polarity.

But I DO recommend that the feminine is mindful of not OVER giving as this can diminish the masculine partner and exhaust the feminine partner. But the feminine partner can be exhausted by cooking just as much as by earning money if she hates to cook and is just banging pots and pans in the kitchen to fulfill a role, lol.

It doesn’t matter HOW the masculine is giving but the masculine needs (as in his literal LIFE force flowing) to be GIVING and GENERATING the energy exchange. But a healthy masculine doesn’t FORCE. A healthy masculine waits for an invitation or receptivity on the part of the feminine.

The masculine can give in many ways and the feminine can receive in many ways. As long as the energy flow and exchange within the partnership nourishes the couple, it doesn’t matter WHO does WHAT. The couple gets to decide what works for them!

And yes, sometimes that means non-traditional roles, but the roles don’t MATTER as long as the energy is flowing inside of the partnership in a configuration that nourishes the feminine and masculine partners.

But now that men can have children, lol, it’s all getting VERY confusing. Don’t let it mess with you. I wouldn’t really worry about that too much, it’s just a distraction from the core spiritual teachings I am laying out here.

If you know you’re a feminine woman and you’re ready to be with a masculine man regardless of the ROLES each partner takes on in the relationship and you’d like a partnership by DESIGN and not by roles, then this is exactly what I teach in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work on smart dating, understanding the masculine and feminine energy flow as well as understanding men so that you can create your dream partnership that is connected on every level.

If you’re interested in this way of partnering, then send me a DM and ask about the intensive. I will respond with a few questions to see if it’s a fit for us to work together and if so, we can get started the very same day.

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