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Masculine women are survivors

Masculine women are survivors. They were built, not born. They were conditioned through hardship, not evolved through their nature. They are constantly Proving Competing Comparing Acheiving And doing it all by themselves. They are constantly Angry. Oppressed. Resentful. When a woman leads with strength, she is brittle. When a woman leads with resilience, she is soft and flexible. Masculine women are… Read More »Masculine women are survivors


Love in 5D New Earth

Love in 5D New Earth is a whole other world than what we thought we knew about love. I truly believe that we’re all seeking new ways of relating in our romantic partnerships – ways that work in sync with the modern world of awakening spiritual missions, blended families and heart-centered entrepreneurialism. Many spiritual successful women are seeking guidance and… Read More »Love in 5D New Earth


How to pick the right guy

PSA to feminine high achievers who keep attracting the wrong men: You will never select the right man using your INTELLECT You must use your FEELINGS. And the feelings live in the body, not the mind. If you’re dating intellect first, you will pick men that IMPRESS you but not men that CHERISH you. You may connect intellectually and that… Read More »How to pick the right guy