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Change Who You’re Dating to Change Your Love Life

One of the biggest secrets to creating a fun and nourishing dating life is simply changing WHO you go out with.

It’s so simple I almost didn’t write this post.

Like, wouldn’t having a ton of messages you know exactly how to sort through for high quality men in your online dating inbox change your willingness to stay with the wrong men, thinking there’s no better options?

Worry that you might have to settle?

Worry that you’re going to have to compromise and sacrifice if you want EVERYTHING you want.

NO. If you knew how to get introductions to great men you would not do those 3 things above, right?

And that would prevent all kinds of disasters like marrying and having kids with the wrong man.

I can help you get there with a simple dating strategy. That’s it, that’s all, the end.

And then we can open the floodgates of abundance in love in your life by healing the things that keep you from opening your heart – and keeping it open.

These things are simple and paramount for the human spirit and indigenous cultures knew how to create ceremonies to honor a human man or woman’s most profound spiritual and emotional healing needs.

Ceremonies existed for marriage and death, sure.

But more importantly, ceremonies ALSO existed to honor the profound changes men and women go through at certain times of their lives, such as becoming a man/woman, child birth, becoming a crone and other rites of passage such as changing occupation/vocation/roles in the tribe.

The Lost Art of Rites of Passage: Understanding Traditional Tribes and Their Ceremonies

I watched a documentary about indigenous tribes in New Guinea, the Amazon and South Africa where the boys that were becoming men had to go through a challenging ceremony.

In South Africa, it was undergoing circumcision and going alone to recover in the woods while fasting in a vision quest type ceremony for several weeks until the circumcision heals. ALONE.

One was where the boys stuck their hands in a container of poisonous ants and got bit 1000s of times while the Amazon shamans sang songs of courage and perseverance to drown out their cries.

One was where the boys fasted and were separated from the tribe and part of the ceremony involved them seeing their mothers covered in pig’s blood and not rushing to save her.

These were all coming of age, becoming a MAN ceremonies. These boys became men by facing loneliness, hunger, pain, suffering and the possibility of their mother’s death or their own.

These tribes knew that these young adolescents needed to detach form their mothers in order to become healthy men and also to face difficulties alone and overcome them in order to find their center.

Modern Day Dating Missteps: The Disconnect Between Emotional Growth and Relationship Choices

In our world we don’t offer that to men.

We don’t offer that to women.

As a culture, we’ve put rites of passage on the shelf.

Thankfully some cultures have kept things like the Quinceanera where a girl is celebrated as she becomes a woman and the Bar Mitzvah which, as I understand, honors a boy becoming a man.

We have the larger than life ceremonies; marriage, birthdays, deaths and anniversaries.

But what about the subtle events that transpire in a person’s life that are their personal fork in the road where two roads diverge and they take the road less travelled by?

No one is there to see, no one is there to celebrate, no one is there to witness.

In unhealthy and unsupportive families these roads are traversed alone and these milestones sadly go unacknowledged.

Often with trauma our growth is stunted from becoming emotionally intelligent, mature and wise.

This is a holy poverty in the hearts and souls of modern men and women.

Finding Your Right Match: Strategies for Spotting Truly Mature Men Online

What does this have to do with dating, Emilia? LOL

There are people who have FOUND themselves moving through the crossroads of life and through the diminishment we all receive via media programing that debases our souls.

And there are men and women who make it through divorces, domestic and financial abuse and illness with honor, dignity and personal sovereignty who become real adult human males and females.

And there are men and women who don’t.

When you’re a woman and you’re dating the men who don’t, who have not been through their personal and modern life’s equivalent of a rite of passage into manhood, you will be with a man who isn’t able to relate as a healthy masculine to your feminine.

I am here writing my posts LOL because I want to tell you how SIMPLE it can be to SPOT those, even if they’re hiding it, simply by following my dating strategy I developed after 10 yrs of dating and close to 500 dates.

There is a plethora of HEALTHY men that are ALSO online.

YOUR job is to learn how to SEE them and TELL them apart from the “moys.”

Women usually look for common interests, if the guy’s profile looks attractive or if he seems like he’s got his life together in his career.

Can you see how if a man isn’t masculine, healthy or ready for a connection and if he hasn’t gone through these certain milestones in his life where he’s centered and grounded in who he is, then it doesn’t matter in the least if you both like tacos or you both are active or you’re from the same state?

These things do not matter.

And looking for those criteria will fail you over and over.

Yet these are the criteria many women use to pick their date/boyfriend/partner and husband.

Then they say dating apps are a meat market and they disavow them forever.

Understandable but misguided.

How to date for high quality men and not moys are all detailed in this dating strategy I created and I am giving away for FREE here

I also offer 1-1 private and customized help in the form of a 90 day intensive where I help you implement dating methodology that fills your inbox with quality men, gives you the tools to select a healthy masculine man and the understanding and ability to partner powerfully with the RIGHT one.

And if there are areas in your life where you haven’t yet had the support and ability to walk through your precious and personal rites of passage that allow you to approach dating and mating with the grace and poise of an adult human female queen, we create that blessed personal honoring, too!

If this post resonates with you, I invite you to send me a DM and ask about working together I have some spots still open for September.

We will have a quick chat over messenger to determine if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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