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Say NOT to Old Patterns, Say YES to Dream Relationship!

To get to the man you really want, you’re going to have to say NOT to a few things that you’re currently saying YES to, like Dean Graziosi says about financial success.

You need introductions to get unsingle.

Reclaiming Control: Saying NOT to Unfulfilling Dating Patterns

It might sound like an obvious but you’d be surprised how many women just have the hermit dating pattern as Dr. Diana Kirschner calls it and think that somehow things will magically change in their love life by staying home and doing nothing it.

You’re probably going to have to consider saying NO to your current method of getting or not getting any introductions. If you’re not getting introductions, say NO to that!

Yes, the universe can orchestrate introductions for you AND you still have your part to do. If you’re not able to get 1-2 introductions a week from whatever app you’re using, you might want to consider saying NO to your current dating strategy.

If the men you DO get on dates with are not healthy masculine men and you find yourself annoyed and disappointmed in them, you’re going to have to say NO to your current dating strategy a second time lol.

If your friends are sharing the same fate and talking about how they’re single and can’t find anyone on their wavelength, you might want to consider saying NO to hanging out with them, NO to those beliefs and NO to that way of spending time with them where you’re having those conversations.

If you think you’ve gone on hundreds of dates and you know how to date, you might have to say NO to the notion that you do know.

If you think you’re unsuccessful at attracting men because you don’t know how to flirt, you may want to consider saying NO to that kind of thinking.

Because maybe NO, you don’t need to know how to flirt or perhaps it’s easy to learn. Are you getting the hang of this? What are you going to have to say NO to, in order to be able to manifest your dream romantic relationship?

I dare you to let me know by commenting on my FB post about this here!

Here are mine:

I had to say NOT to dates with men who didn’t initiate and strung me along.

I had to say NOT to men who were cute, hot and UNavailable.

I had to say NO to men who I was sure would’ve been my soulmate if they weren’t married.

I had to say NO to coffee dates.

I didn’t like those. After a while of dating I wanted to be taken out on a proper dinner date if I was going to spend the time getting dolled up – and I was right.

I had to say NO to controlling the relationship by being the one to initiate plans and lead so that I wouldn’t be vulnerable waiting for his move.

I had to say NO to “just going with it” when something a man did didn’t work for me or put me off. I had to say NO to feeling unworthy.

Empowered Choices: Recognizing and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs in Love

I had to say NO to my abandonmnet fears. I had to say NOT to thinking it wasn’t going to happen for me. I had to say NOT to demanding things from men, from God and from life and get busy removing the things that were blocking me from having what I most desired.

I had to say NOT to the destructive mainstream narrative about what’s possible between men and women.

I said NO to my parent’s idea of what a good match for me would be.

I had to say not to previous ideas I had about what the right man for me would be like.

I had to say NO, thank you* when men who were not invested or interested in the real me invited me over for a movie or a drink or dinner.

What do YOU have to say NO to?

Sometimes we don’t even know.

Like it’s obvious when you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy that saying not to sugar is a good thing. But what about when you’re frustrated and irritated with dating and it feels like there are not good men?

Then the NOT wouldn’t be to dating, or even men, the NOt would need to be to your current strategy!

So let me help you with this free lead magnet lol I created called the HOW to PICK the RIGHT Guy Checklist.

It’s EXACTLY what my clients use to meet their guy in just a few dates.

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