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Contrary to Popular Belief, YES, there IS a Benevolent Patriarchy

Once a well-known expert in the field of women’s empowerment told me that there is no such thing as a benevolent patriarchy, that all patriarchy is malevolent.

I do not believe that. I have evidence to the contrary. I live it every day.

As a person who identifies as a feminine woman, I suffered under the same objectification, commodification, and defemination that we all do through, via the mass emotional manipulation tactics of the secular media.

I also suffered these at the hands of my own father (and later a series of unhealthy relationships with men). But somehow, though it was tempting, I wasn’t sold on the idea of a solely malevolent patriarchy.

And now I see why…

Because I had experienced something different, even then.

I saw women AND men suffer with objectification and emasculation.

I saw that the degradation of the spiritual essence of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine happens to BOTH sexes and it hurts both sexes.

In other words, no one is safe from the malevolent part of the patriarchy, not even men!

Awakened women’s hearts weep for the emasculation of our warriors and hunters, mine does. Awakened men weep too, for the denigration of the nurturers and wisdom-carries.

We weep for each other. We grieve together because we love each other. That is the original template. That’s the blueprint. That’s God’s image – love.

This “divide and conquer” strategy wasn’t of our own doing. It is the manipulation of our human instincts to an infinite scale that create the division and oppression by those who stand to profit from this.

Yes, there are MANY men that protect, support and provide for their community, women, children and elderly. In my church I am not demeaned, I am held in a sacred place and cared for by my husband and the men around me, without subjugation.

This is the benevolent patriarchy. This IS the divine masculine.

But…there is one thing that I do understand now and that is this: many deeply feminine spiritual women (like me) have had to warrior up to survive our lives, our culture, and the malevolent patriarchy.

We desperately need men to save us. And men need US to save them by NEEDING them and WE DO! Let’s call for them, receive them and accept their help – we need them now more than ever. 🔥

Not everyone is on this journey and that’s OK.

But if YOU are on this journey, this is me saying, Hiiiiiiiiii!🦄⚘🌷🌼🥂🌌🌠🎉🎊🔮♥️👑🎵⚘🌷🦄💞💛🧡💙

Not everyone is seeking this. But many feminine woman are. And if that’s you and you want help activating and incarnating these energies in your sacred partnership in human bodies on planet earth, then send me a DM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work on aligning you with your authentic spiritual creative power and polarity to get very clear on how to attract your DREAM masculine partner in real life.

We also work on how to date for a masculine man and how to partner powerfully and sustainable for lifelong success in love.

My clients attract sacred partnership in an average of 10 dates over 3 months but in as few as 5 dates when applying these principles.👍✨🎇🎆

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