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Dark Feminine Alchemy: The Healing Everything Program with Emilia

If your relationships with men are constantly falling short of your dreams, it’s 1000% because your dark feminine is running the show and you’re not consciously CREATING.

Dark feminine energy is the “shadow” side of the divine feminine that you’re embodying; subconscious thoughts, suppressed and unaddressed inner child needs, emotional impulses, and primal instincts.

These are not bad or wrong or evil, but integrating them (IMPERFECTLY lol) is what makes you a wild and powerful adult human female capable of creating sacred union with a divine masculine man INTENTIONALLY.

When these aspects of us are not conscious – or I should say when not enough of these parts of ourselves are integrated with light and consciousness – they will work unconsciously behind the scenes to get your needs met with men in ways that come out as manipulative. Also destructive. Also cringy.

In other words, you’re not CREATING, you’re REACTING.

Let me give you an example of what created this in my life, for a LOOONG time in my years as a dating disaster before I healed ENOUGH (it doesn’t have to be ALL or perfect!) of my dark feminine side to be able to consciously CREATE with men.

It had to do with protecting myself, thinking I don’t need men, treating men as an accessory and not as a necessity (modern culture LOVES to propagate this and it causes so much suffering for women!) and never really being willing to LET a man IN.

At the time that I was doing this work with my coaches and healers (therapy didn’t get me those tools, and I tried with several therapists over 10 yrs) and I NEEDED someone with experience, training and understanding to FACILITATE me through.

I needed who I’ve become, so you don’t have to, YAY!

Now I am able to take myself through on my own, when the need arises but not in all areas of my life so I still hire coaches!!!

Here is what it looks like now and what it will be like for you if you dare to dive into dark feminine energy integration and healing work – which, btw, is the foundation for your wildest dreams!!!!

I was 10, had gone through losing both parents, had moved cities and countries and now I was in the middle of a HUGE city airport in a place where I didn’t even speak the language.

My mom – my only caregiver then, was having a panic attack.

These are the kinds of things that make a little feminine person warrior up and harbor fear and maybe even disdain for the feminine.

And these are also the kinds of things that make you build a wall around your heart and decide you don’t need the masculine becuase he wasn’t there when you needed him MOST and you survived anyway.

That you never want to be in a place where you NEED the masculine and he isn’t there AGAIN.

And then the mainstream narrative exploits that to hell but that’s another post lol.

You’re on your own, kid.

That’s the message I got over and over and over from the age I was 6 and both of my parents took off and moved to another country and left me in Bulgaria.

Anyway, my point is our little inner feminine children experience these moments where we had to suck it up and do life without the skills, support, empathy or leadership of the adults around us.

This is when the Human animal, or our survival instincts that can be looked at as “dark energy” take over.

We survive, we suck it up, we don’t have the time or space or capacity or guidance in that moment to give ourselves leadership, safety, compassion because we DON’T know HOW, we’re a child.

It’s not our job to know how. It’s our job to be cared for but many of us were not. And you can get help now to do it, with a coach like me.

Today I tell my daughter, it’s Ok to be nervous, daddy and I are here.

It’s Ok to have a hard time, daddy and I are here.

It’s OK to e scared, if it’s too much you can stop.

I am SO blessed that I was able to heal and break all these cycles.

Women who haven’t done this work say, “you’re lucky.”

Yes I was lucky. Yes I was blessed.

But also, I CREATED this. You can, too!

This is the depth of healing I help you do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive, and that’s is 5555 USD.

If you want a customized 1-1 healing container, this would be it.

But for those of you who want and need healing but are not in a place where you can make that kind of investment (I would just get a credit card and do it, it’s THAT life-changing)…..

I decided to make this healing available in a group program that will meet weekly starting July 19th at 10 am PST for 1 hour.

Invitation to Dark Feminine Alchemy: The Healing Everything Program with Emilia

The program will last 11 weeks and it is 1111 USD.

I am going to limit the program to 11 women.

I will take you on a journey of gently, lovingly and with appreciation, acceptance and compassion meeting and integrating YOUR dark feminine.

Who is sh and why is reclaiming her is so powerful? Because she is the way to your FULL and WHOLE feminine empowerment so you can CREATE consciously.

If you’re struggling with this, reciting positive affirmations helps HAHA, but it’s won’t alchemize the dark and suppressed survival energy that drives your subconscious behaviors, which is the energy that sabotages your relationships with men.

Honoring dark feminine traits doesn’t mean you have to let them rule your life or take over your personality—but unknowingly many of us do.

They (dark feminine traits) take over when we feel vulnerable or unprepared – like we do with MEN!!!! – and hence one of the reasons why we struggle SO much in our love relationships.

It’s not that dark feminine traits are bad, it’s just that they’re generally NOT creating consciously, but instead functioning unconsciously or subconsciously and sometimes sabotaging.

THIS is why you create UNdesirable results in your relationships with men and you don’t know WHY!

Well have no fear, Emilia is here and I am going to shine a light on all of this WITH you and show you the WAY to alchemize it!

You don’t need to ERADICATE the dark feminine and make EVERYTHING unconscious conscious, you just need ENOUGH consciousness there to STEER the ship with intention to where you want it to go and not be STEERED by the ship (kind of reminds me of all the lessons I am learning with my horse nowadays).

If you want in to Dark Feminine Alchemy: The Healing Everything Program with Emilia then just send me a DM. I will respond with a few questions to see if it is a fit and if so, I will accept you into the program and give you access to the prep materials RIGHT away!

Love Emilia

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