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Dark Feminine Love Alchemy

When you’ve done ALL the things…

And when men STILL frustrate the F out of you;

and your best efforts at conscious love lead to crying to your bff and pulling your hair out,

it’s NOT you.

Unraveling the Archetype: The Weight of Collective Female Trauma.

AND….doing your PERSONAL dark feminine work isn’t the end of it lol, because……

There is another realm – the COLLECTIVE.

it’s NOT you…but you’re IN it….

It’s a collective BLIND SPOT – the dis-empowered feminine when it comes to women’s relationships with men.

So many of us have done a fuZK ton of things when it comes to personal growth.

We’ve shifted our money mindset, we’ve done shadow work, we’ve balanced masculine and feminine.

We’ve implemented ruthless laser focus and discipline, radical self acceptance, spiritual healing and rituals, aya journeys, etc etc…

But still we encounter major suckage in our quest for true love.


BECAUSE the dis-empowered feminine is an ARCHETYPE (something present in the COLLECTIVE unconscious).

And she is fed endlessly by the mainstream narrative.

But once you do your personal Dark Feminine Alchemy and you learn to recognize the frequency of the dark feminine archetype in the collective – you can just LOL.

You can be like, oh hi dis-empowered feminine archetype (let’s call her DFA), long time no see, what are we integrating today?!

The DFA exists in a paradigm that is much larger than our INDIVIDUAL selves.

The DFA feminine holds the frozen energy of generations of women who used to be silenced, banished or destroyed for daring to own their power, wisdom and light.

I am so sorry for us when we were them AND it’s 2023! We get to alchemize this!

Our dear DFA holds the cultural and institutional limits that used to forbid women from holding property or positions of authority.

I am so sorry for us when we were them AND it’s 2023! We get to alchemize this!

She holds the trauma of “the burning times” when visionaries, healers or wise women used to get burned alive.

I am so sorry for us when we were them AND it’s 2023! We get to alchemize this!

Revolutionizing Relationships: Shifting the Feminine Perspective towards Men.

So, listen sis, what many women forget is that our dear DFA ALSO holds the collective and subconscious blueprint of:

generations of women could not have real partnership with men

women felt that they can’t really trust men

women felt like they are not, at a ground level safe with men

women felt that they are not as important or as powerful as men

women perhaps watched men enjoy freedoms and privileges they were not entitled to due to the cultural and social paradigms they lived in

women felt betrayed and undervalued by men

women felt that the only thing they were valued for is their sexuality and child rearing

women felt that they couldn’t occupy their full power in their relationships with men

women felt like their full power would be subjugated, ignored and diminished

women felt that their contribution to a marriage wasn’t valued

women felt that opportunities and possibilities are withed from them solely due to being female

women felt that their place was at home with the children and that’s all they were ever allowed to be or go

women felt that being a man was placed above being a woman

women felt that their role and contribution to society was undervalued and under acknowledged

women likely felt that there was no hope for anything else

What would you add in the comments?

You’ve manifested incredible healing and results in your life…..

Because you’ve transformed the first areas of the dis-empowered feminine domain when it comes to business, power, money, voice, health and even access to the same privileges and opportunities that men have……

But if you’re experiencing suckage with men, you have NOT yet been able to access the overlay of subconscious patterns through which you see men as inherently untrustworthy and unsafe that are part of the last aspect of the dis-empowered archetype.

That’s why I created an intimate healing program I named Dark Feminine Alchemy where I want to invite you to come and do healing, transformation, integration and alchemy with me and 11 other women.

We will lovingly lay to rest our Dark Feminine Archetype in RELATIONSHIP with the MASCULINE.

Because in the realm of relationship with the masculine, the Dark Feminine shows up as:

dating drama

choosing men that don’t choose you

choosing men that disappoint you

you playing games, or choosing men that play games

getting constantly triggered by the dating journey

subconsciously trying to use your body and sexuality to attract/keep a man (rather than your sacred feminine heart and authentic self)

being subconsciously afraid of men

automatically jumping to conclusions that assume the worst about men (so many of you do this and the ones that come into the portal of working with me NO LONGER DO THIS and you INSPIRE ME EVERY SINGLE DAY THANK YOU!)

feeling afraid to communicate honestly and directly (not trusting men),

basically treating men like the enemy so you feel the need to play games/manipulate/hide/sacrifice/settle/compromise to avoid disaster which inevitably leads to disaster.

Incredible, brilliant women who are powerful spiritual healers and struggle with this. This struggle isn’t your personal failing.

It’s part of a much bigger pattern extends back in time for centuries.

Your maternal ancestors couldn’t heal this because they didn’t have what we have, they didn’t live in THIS time, they didn’t have the internet, they didn’t have all these modalities, they didn’t have this understanding they didn’t have EACH OTHER.

But they are lovingly cheering you on because you, yes YOU can have a sacred union marriage if you decide to, where they couldn’t.

We are their answered prayers.

If hot healthy sacred union is something you want in the realm of love and relationships with men, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about Dark Feminine Love Alchemy starting on July 19th for $1111.

I will respond with a few questions and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, I can get you started on the online portion of this intimate wild woman container right away.

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