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Love Dating is a exhausting for you because you’re a good sensitive empath

Dating is exhausting for you because you’re a highly sensitive empath. You’re not mainstream, you likely don’t want a mainstream relationship and you won’t be successful using a mainstream dating method. Period.

Here is the BIG secret: Use the online dating platforms for INTRODUCTIONS! Don’t use them for connecting and building relationships.

Shifting Dating Mindsets: From Control to Flow

PUHLEASEEE let me share with you how to do dating so it’s nurturing, fun, and tremendously increases the chances of you attracting your divine masculine man, much, much faster.

How do I know this? Mmm because I did it. I met my divine masculine man and I’ve helped 100s of feminine women do the same. Here i

My clients meet their match in as few as 10 dates when dating in this manner but in an average of 25 dates over 3-6 months which is about 1-2 dates per week.

So I am going illustrate the main key shift here, starting with a short story.

I’m sitting here at a Starbucks is Budapest pondering that I’m waiting for a friend and I don’t even know her phone number, lol.

Years ago when I was dating and a control freak I would never, ever be caught dead at the effect of someone else’s choices by not having their phone number, LOL.

But dating as well as traveling internationally for years, taught me to let go and let God. And I now do it better lol. And thank God because now I can receive miracles whereas before there was no energetic space for miracles to land within me because of my uptight ambitious ass that wanted everything a certain way.

I’ve just said goodbye to my hubby who is heading back to our small town to pick up our eight yr old daughter from school and take care of the cats and chickens.

I’m staying behind to practice my flamenco singing and participate in a contact dance jam. So excited.

And I was thinking when we said goodbye – and as I sit here at the Starbucks waiting for my friend – how I have no way to get a hold of her at all. And I must just wait because she has an old flip phone so we can’t use messenger, lol. And I was perfectly OK with that. LOL

I used to date men in a very uptight manner. I’d be waiting for their call and if they didn’t call, I’d call them. When I was waiting for them to confirm a date, I’d call them. When I arrived first at the place we agreed to meet and they weren’t there, I’d call them.

The Three Essential Shifts for Successful Dating

I wanted to be in control of the relationships. I wanted to be the one to close any gap. I wanted to be in charge of how I was going to feel and not at the effect of someone’s mistakes or choices. I thought I was being empowered. I though I was being responsible. I though I was generating the reality that I wanted to experience by being proactive and protecting myself from time wasters.

But I was so misguided….

These are a few example of the actions I’ve seem many other women make when dating, that repel healthy masculine men and instead attract effeminate men who want a masculine partner in a woman’s body, narcissistic men who sit back and let you do all the work while they feed on your energy or wounded men who want a mommy.

So how would I be, feel and act differently if I was dating now?

I’d be just like I’m being with my girlfriend. I’d let them do or not do. I’d let them say what they said or not said, I would just watch.

And if they didn’t confirm, or didn’t show up, or didn’t text, or didn’t call – I literally would not sweat – not even out of one single pore – because I know there 1000 more men where that man came from.

Because I learned how to use the online dating platforms for INTRODUCTIONS!!!!

And this brings me to the 3 shifts I think women most urgently need in the dating world and here they are.

  1. Use dating platforms such as hinge, match, bumble at introductions only and not to get to know someone, connect, see if you have something in common or start a relationship. There are an entirely different set of criteria I suggest you use to pick your dates and I teach that in my 90 day 1-1 intensive for single women who want to connect with their divine masculine match in the next 3-6 months. I have spelled them out in previous posts.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously – think of dating like a trip or a vacation where you can’t control every detail. It’s a journey with a series of turns – some fun and some not so fun. Be willing to take the journey and be open to the gifts life has for you on the way.
  3. Lean back and let life bring you the miracle. How to do this is to heal and release and hatred, self-judgment, past wounds or hurts you’re carrying because those heavy frequency energies block the energetic space within every feminine being that is the miracle receptacle, as I call it. Or you can call it an energetic womb where women manifest with their sovereign creative power.

If you’re interested in getting my help with implementing this absolute game-changing approach to soulmate attraction, then I invite you to send me a PM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work together on dating in a fun and nurturing manner while having bad ass boundaries and learning to understand men, the masculine and feminine polarity and how to create sacred union so that the energy in the relationship circulates in a healthy and nourishing manner forever. You could still wake up next to your man in 2022. It’s works that well.

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