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love Dating way almost all women date leads to a marriage that ends in divorce

Dating the way almost all women date leads to a marriage that ends in divorce. I see it over and over.

So many women struggle with their romantic relationships because they just END UP in a relationship with the man that happens to be in front of them – and not the man that they selected with discernment, intention, clarity and purpose.


I’ve coached 100s of women and this is what my research and experience has shown. And THIS haphazard dating is the reason for divorce.

So don’t allow yourself to be another divorce statistic, broken home or dating drama damsel in distress.

Select a man using discernment, intention and purpose. Here is how:

  1. learn to multiple date (this means procure multiple introductions to quality men and does not mean have a relationship, go exclusive or be emotionally or sexually involved with multiple men)
  2. get help identifying and healing unhelpful relationship blueprints you inherited from your family of origin
  3. learn to understand men

Rather than dating by the path of least resistance, date with the path of the highest intention.

But how?

Learn to multiple date. It’s hard to do that when your cup isn’t overflowing with quality introductions.

That’s why you need to use my dating method to procure multiple qualified introductions.

That way you’re not choosing the man that happens to be next to you and sort of like you. You’re choosing the one in hundreds that is masculine, healthy and ready and has the qualities you desire in a partner that you can like, respect and admire.

There are just 3 simple shifts to make so that you can date with intention, purpose and discernment without scarcity because your cup overfloweth with introductions.

What keeps women from dating intentionally is NOT knowing HOW to do it, their mindset and their mammalian instincts when it comes to mating.

To address the first problem I created a simple checklist that takes you through the EXACT strategy I teach and I used to meet my hubby (12 yrs ago) and my clients use currently to meet their match. It still WORKS.

You can get it here

But also if you read my blog, I spell everything out here too lol.

The second problem which is mindset has to do with that women dating think it’s better on the other side of dating. They think the problem is that they haven’t met the right guy yet when the problem is that they’re not SELECTING the right guy. And if they don’t change something they will select the wrong guy again.

But what you don’t realize is that on the other side of where you’re currently at, you are MOST likely going just create more of what you’ve already had – unsuccessful and unfulfilling relationships with the wrong man. Except this time you’re married to him. But in all other ways, nothing else has really changed.

If you marry without resolving your trauma enough that it doesn’t run you and you know how to value your needs (because having them met leads to the best version of you), articulate what you need and stay in your power without settling, sacrificing or playing small (which only leads to resentment) then you will attract a normal human relationship.

In other words, same old, same old, but you’re just married this time.

And it could be 5 or 15 years later, but it’s most likely destined to fail.

It’s destined to fail not because you have to be perfect.

It’s destined to fail not because your partner is a bad man.

It’s destined to fail because you may have picked a man with your old glasses on.

Old glasses means seeing people and love through the lens of what is familiar to you even if it’s unhealthy, dis-empowering, unfulfilling and unsustainable.

When you’re single and feeling alone in the world to some degree, it feels like ANY relationship is better than NO relationship.

And that makes perfect sense to our mammalian brain because relationships are psychologically shown to be emotionally regulating and safety producing. We’re not lone dolphins, we need each other.

But this is the reason I teach women to multiple date with ease, sort with sharp discernment and continue multiple dating from their selected masculine men to determine is he’s healthy and then ready.

And then you’re not getting into a relationship because you’re sick of being single.

You’re not getting into a relationship because there are no prospects (because you have like 5 dates lined up for the next 2 weeks).

You’re not getting into a relationship because it just seems like it’s the next thing to do because you met and slept together.

You’re getting into a relationship intentionally.

You’re getting into a relationship imperfectly but with an open heart to your and his humanity.

You’re getting into a relationship with preparation.

You’re getting into the relationship you WANT rather than the relationship that just happens to be in front of you.

Believe it or not this ONE small adjustment in your actions (going from dating whoever is there – to dating who you’ve selected based on these criteria) can completely change the outcome.

But couple this action with also identifying and healing patterning and wounds that have you giving up your power, sacrificing and settling AND understanding men and the masculine..well you’ve just gathered the ingredients for a successful marriage that lasts.

If you’re ready for love in the next 3-6 months, I teach you all of these elements in my 90 day 1-1 intensive. When applying these three main areas of transformation to their dating life, my clients meet their match in as few as 10 dates, but usually in about 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week.

If that sounds like it’s up your alley then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my 90 day intensive. I will respond back and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit to work together and if so, we can get started right away.

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