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Dating this Way is Good for Your Marriage

What love coaches actually mean when we tell you to multiple date is the same thing business coaches mean when they give you a marketing plan.

Do the thing. Practice. Show up. Again.

It’s the same thing nutrition/weight loss and health coaches mean when they give you a weekly meal plan.

And it’s is the same thing fitness coaches mean when they give you a work-out schedule.

But not just do the thing any old way – you’ve got to do it in a proven way that gets results.

There is a way that works (doing exercises in sets, resting and gradually increasing weight, etc) and a way that doesn’t work (jumping into max weight you can possibly lift every single day at the gym for 3 hours a day, etc).

Well, it’s exactly the same when you’re ready for love and your coach tells you to multiple date.

There is a way to MULTIPLE DATE that WORKS
and there is a way that is a complete FLOP.

Oh but that’s boring women say, I want it to happen organically. I want there to be sparks!!!

Well you’re not expecting sparks lifting your weight goal, hitting your business goals or eating your healthy meals, then why do we take this approach to dating? (I will explain in another post what sparks in a relationship are – and YES we will feel them – this post is about multiple dating specifically).

Many women will follow the plans put in place for the purposes of achieving goals in life such as weight loss, business income, health or wealth.

But for many women, following a dating plan is about as palatable as chewing a vitamin pill.

And no good health coach ever told you to chew vitamin pills, did they, LOL?

Neither will a good love coach tell you to do the equivalent.

So what do relationship and dating coaches really mean when we tell you to multiple date?

I won’t speak for other coaches, but here is why multiple dating DOESN’T WORK in the traditional sense (wrong way) if you’re a single feminine
woman looking for love with a man who leads:

  1. Feminine people like estrogen-based women are connectors. Even if they are introverts, they enjoy the feeling of human connection, building relationships, exchanging ideas, etc.
  2. Because Feminine people are connectors, on a date, they try to ….you guessed it, CONNECT.
  3. Connecting with multiple people in a short period of time is EXHAUSTING, even for extroverts (because feminine energy regenerates in nurturing,
    self-focused, peaceful moments).
  4. Gearing up to CONNECT (or be “on”) multiple times a week with strangers is DRAINING AF.
  5. The things above are spending feminine juice for NO GOOD REASON so I will NEVER ask you to do them and nor should any other LOVE coach.

When I tell you to multiple date, I don’t mean CONNECT.

I mean Multiple Date this other WAY.

What I mean is more like “PLAY” or “ENJOY” or “BE NURTURED.”

What if, instead of meeting to “connect,” which is a ton of generative/masculine energy work, you just meet to “practice receiving” and “enjoy masculine energy” and “interplay feminine and masculine energy,” with a male person who you already know will be in his masculine polarity so you won’t have to work so damn hard?

Yep that’s how my clients attract their sacred partnership (long term committed relationship headed towards marriage with a high quality man that has your back) in as few as 5 dates without draining dating or drama!!!!

And what if I told you that no, that’s not selfish, because a masculine person embodying his masculine polarity will ENJOY generating the CONNECTION.

He will enjoy you enjoying his masculine energy and interplaying with your feminine energy much more than he would enjoy you doing the “CONNECTING”?

Meaning, you’re providing MORE for a MASCULINE man when you’re doing LESS.

Men describe their experience of feminine energy like being plugged into the universe.

When I say multiple date, I don’t mean perform, I don’t mean show up with a lasagna and family photos, I don’t mean be entertaining, be pleasing,
or sleep with him.

And I especially don’t mean show up interviewing or expect to be interviewed.

In fact, many masculine men will try to SAVE you from feeling interrogated by TALKING the whole time. 🤯🤯🤯

No, they’re not doing it because they’re selfish or aren’t interested in you.

They’re actually trying to provide information they think you need to feel comfortable with them.

When I say multiple date, I mean meet a man you’ve vetted as masculine energy and, drum roll, ENJOY being in your feminine energy and feeling
into his masculine energy.

That’s it, that’s all the, end.🥳

Meet an average of 1-2 men a week in this low-pressure way and you’ll be on your way to being engaged before the end of 2024.

That’s how my clients meet their equal match in an average of 3-6 months – some even sooner.

There are two things you need for this to work.

  1. You need to be on a date with a masculine energy person who enjoys generating the connection (I teach you how to filter for these kinds of men in my 3-step vetting process so you only go out with men who are in their healthy masculine). Get it FREE here:
  2. You need to turn yourself “back” into a girl about an hour before the date. Most of us work for a living and we need to generate results to be successful at work with our masculine energy.

That’s why I recommend getting into your feminine energy before a date with a vetted man.

Take a bath, read a book, dance to music naked for
15 mins, whatever. 😍

Just be in your feminine energy when you show up on the date.

Looking good, feeling good and smelling good are important, but not as important as FEELING good and being in your feminine energy if you want to attract a healthy masculine man who leads.

That’s all multiple dating is. ❤️

These are some of the simple shifts I implement with my clients in my 1-1 intensive to date with crystal cleal intention and filter for the right man fast.

When I finally figured out this way of dating (after about 500 international dates over apx 10 yrs), I started relaxing more and really enjoying my dating journey.

And it was LESS than 3 months later that I met my now husband and we’re going on 13 yrs together.

This is how my clients easily and effortlessly attract the right partner in an average of only 10 dates/introductions!!

If you want help in applying these in your love life send me a PM and we’ll have a quick chat over messenger to see if my 3 month 1-1 intensive is a good fit.

Every peaceful partnership is a foundation for a more peaceful world and if you’re a single successful woman ready to create lasting fulfillingl ove in your life, I can definitely help you with that, FAST.

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