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Sacred Union: Feminine Leader Guide to Finding a Masculine Man

Dear Generous Feminine Heart: You feel unmet by men as a feminine leader, visionary and NEW EARTH way shower because you have a deeply spiritual core and you know you will NOT thrive in anything LESS than a sacred union…..

And you don’t know how to select the RIGHT man for this.

The Quest for Sacred Union: Navigating the Challenges of Feminine Leadership

It’s a serious problem, I know, because if you’re going for less and participating in less, while deeply wanting more, it’s draining your energy and taking away from your sacred vision and mission.

But listen: You have a special combination of gifts and needs that require special handling when it comes to relationships.

And I have good news – it’s NOT too much for a MASCULINE man. Not even close.

You’re on a mission and you have a huge heart and a huge vision and no, it’s NOT too much for a MASCULINE man.

Because of that, you spend a lot of time in creative mode that can be seen as masculine.

But this is NOT a deterrent to a healthy masculine man because you’re ALSO deeply feminine.

Because of the combination of being on a mission and your HUGE generosity, you tend to attract unhealthy men who do NOT step up, measure up or SHOW UP.

You over-give. Because you LOVE.

But you’re not quite as good at receiving because it’s vulnerable AF.

Yet you feel unmet and unfulfilled in your relationships.

You THINK that you need a spiritual man who is self-aware, emotionally intelligent and interested in healing and spiritual work.

And you DO.

But first and foremost you need a MASCULINE man.

A MASCULINE being is not going to TALK, CONNECT and SHARE about the spiritual journey he is on like a girlfriend.

You’re not likely to SEE it on the outside in most masculine men.

Yes, there are some that are out loud about this because they are teachers or leaders in the space.


There are a TON of healthy masculine men that are growing spiritually and developing personally that are just NOT in those high visibility leadership positions.

And just because they’re not loud and out about their inner game, sometimes women overlook them. But those are the RIGHT men for sacred union!!!!!!

Decoding the Masculine: Unveiling the Secrets to Healthy and Spiritual Relationships

That’s why I always tell you, you need to look for a MASCULINE man first and foremost.

Not someone that’s wearing his spirituality, personal growth status and emotional world like a badge.

Because most healthy masculine men don’t do that. Unhealthy men do that.

Want sacred union? You need to look for a HEALTHY MASCULINE man.

And then you need to look for a MASCULINE man (that is healthy) and READY for a relationship.

That’s why I said yes, he can handle your frequency.

He doesn’t have to read all the books you do, go to the spiritual retreats you go to or go do the aya journeys.

It’s a cool thing, but it’s NOT required for sacred union.

He could just be your ROCK. If you LET him.

Your anchor into the physical world so you can go flying into the ecstatic spiritual.

Does he ALSO have to accompany you in the spiritual?

You don’t have to pick one or the other AND don’t you already have a ton of playmates in the spiritual in your girlfriends and gay guy friends?

Isn’t what you’re really craving to be GOTTEN, HELD, SUPPORTED and LOVED?

The way that you ground, feel safe, fill up, get nourished and are able to create more and reach further in your vision and mission because not you’re SAFE to HOLD more.

That’s what a healthy masculine man offers a feminine woman.

It’s the ENERGY.

That’s why you need to learn about polarity.

BUT not the kind of polarity I am seeing taught by the bros that talk about submission.

In my view, no one should submit to another.

But both should submit to the sacred union.

The masculine submits by offering himself up in all ways and any way she needs to be supported, held up, grounded and loved so that she can FLY truly ALIVE.

God bless Divine Masculine Men they are God’s gift to the modern witch.

The feminine submits by putting down the sword of emasculation and refusing to be at war with the masculine.

She submits by taking down her walls and letting him IN.

But that requires a bit of counter culture rebelliousness.

This is right up your alley, dear feminine leader, spiritual visionary way shower, I know.

So take that rebellious nature and APPLY it to being a SAFE place for the MASCULINE. No more war.

APPLY it to the courageous choosing of SAFE men to bare your heart, mission and TRUE needs to.

APPLY it to the courageous learning of what a healthy masculine man walks and talks like.

APPLY it to the courageous and counterculture learning about what MEN actually NEED from women.

HINT: It’s not what you GIVE, it’s what you RECEIVE.

Because he WILL lie down his life for you.

Be willing to LIVE fully with his protection, tethering and deep provision from his soul and heart and LOVE.

TELL him what you need to FLY.

TELL him what makes the biggest difference for you.

Reclaiming Power: A Revolutionary Approach to Love and Leadership

He WANTS to provide EXACTLY that and if you don’t TELL him, he’s not going to know how to be the HERO you dream of and he most deeply longs to be to YOU.

If you want help with this, this is the alchemy we do in my 90 day 1-1 container.

In that container we work on dating if you’re single and want sacred union or we work on creating sacred union with a man that you’re already committed or even married to.

We also work on your healing so that you can receive the profound gifts of the masculine.

If you know that’s you, I invite you to send me a DM and ask me about it.

I will respond back with a few questions to see if we’re a fit and we can get started right away.

If you’re a feminine powerhouse and you WANT divine union with your masculine counterpart, THIS is the way.


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