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Divine Energy in Conscious Relationships: Intuition & Intent

Conscious men trust their intentions; Conscious women trust their intuition.


This is the key to beginning a conscious relationship.

When conscious men trust their woman’s intuition;

And when a conscious woman trusts her man’s intentions;

That is the key to the unfolding of a conscious relationship.

When all takes place within the sacred container of commitment,

honesty, and moral integrity, that is the key to keeping and maintaining a sacred relationship for a long time…

And when each individuals sexual energy has been thoroughly unified with Divine Source Energy, to the point where it’s not your own and you can only use it when its beneficial to others, and not for your own purposes,

And when the Divine Blesses and sanctifies your Union, giving you sexual expression not separate from Source, that’s when this relationship is the most fulfilling and meaningful experience of your life.

In this case, don’t waste this power, or take it for granted:

Follow the above points to keep it Holy & Intact:

  1. Men trust their own intentions (must be throughly purified through spiritual practice)
  2. Women trust their own intuition (must be thoroughly purified through spiritual practice)
  3. Men trust their woman’s intuition (this may seem like a big jump for some, but it is essential bc she can see more and she can guide you better, like a light house guides a ship at night)
  4. Women trust their man’s intentions (this also might seem like a jump, but he will guide you through beneficial intentions like a River bank guides the water)
  5. Sacred commitment must be intact — it is the container
  6. Honesty is essential for the purity of the container (or else it gets a “foul smell”)
  7. Moral integrity is also the container, and determines the strength of the container walls (“under what circumstances would you make decisions that contradict your values or sense of morality?”

If “Never,” then the container is indestructible)

  1. When unified sexual energy with Divine Energy mixes with each others — it’s Heaven on Earth & Harmony

Follow the above points to enter, unfold & maintain a sacred relationship that is not separate from source


written by John Patrick Mueller

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