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Empowering the Divine Feminine in Sacred Union love Marriages

The problem with most marriage coaching models that I see out there is that they are full of shallow tactics that simply don’t work sustainably. They don’t explain the basis for their reasoning.

They don’t go deep enough to provide the true foundation needed for success in love.

And they don’t offer the deep healing needed for a woman to truly move outside of her patterns into her full potential as the divine feminine counterpart of a sacred union marriage.

There are some core pieces that a woman needs to understand if she is to select the right partner for lasting love that’s a sacred partnership.

These are polarity, understanding men and the masculine as well as women and the feminine, and healing the blueprints, models and wounds that block success in love.

First, she needs to understand if she is a feminine or a masculine core woman. There are both, however the feminine core people in female bodies are much more common than the male core people in female bodies.

And part B of that is that she needs to understand the difference between her natal core energy and her “mode” of functioning.

Many women have a deeply feminine core but spend most of their day in “masculine” mode simply because they are busy producing results at their jobs.

So it’s important to know if you’re a feminine core woman or a masculine core woman and then it’s important to distinguish that from the mode in which you spend your day.

If you’re a feminine core woman but you’re in masculine “mode” at work, when you meet your masculine man, you will clash. You NEED to know this. This isn’t a problem that can be solved without you understanding feminine and masculine energy. I can tell you to “be in your feminine,” but what does that even mean? If you’re not really deeply rooted in your core energy or if you’re NOT a feminine core woman then this WON’T work for YOU!

What most love experts don’t tell you is that you need the energy flow form masculine to feminine and back to masculine in order to sustain a fulfilling and healthy relationship, sacred partnership love marriage. This isn’t something that can be faked. It’s either there or it’s not.

I’ve seen this concept taught in the context of Tantra and sacred sexuality but I’ve not seen it taught in the context of the source of sustainability in marriage.

That’s the first thing, part A and B.

The second thing you need is a good thorough education on the differences between men and women; how they think, how they use language, and their behaviors and what they mean because we live in HUMAN bodies.

Integrating this knowledge and understanding into your relationships with all men (and especially with men in the romantic context) is a complete game changer, FOREVER.

The last thing you need after understanding masculine and feminine polarity and understanding men, is healing.

You need the healing that will change your frequency to one where you are open to the gifts of men and the divine masculine and not on the “normal” autopilot self-protection mode, just because that’s social and cultural programming.

With this third part, you will have the capacity and ability to DETECT and select a healthy masculine man who is ready for a relationship, you will have the ability to create the required energy flow for potent polarity and emotional, spiritual and sexual health and you will understand men (and yourself as a woman) which will give you the insight and ability to continuously communicate and connect in your marriage.

These three pieces TOGETHER are the components that you absolutely need if you’re to have a fulfilling marriage that lasts.

And of course you need the practical things, like financial literacy, common values and ideas about family structure such as kids or no kids, etc.

But so many couples have that, and STILL find themselves sidelined by the lack of the three components I described above, in their marriage down the road.

Also, add kids to the mix and the whole thing shifts profoundly. I don’t know any coaches out there teaching about sacred partnership, New Earth 5D Love and FAMILY. I do! 🙂

Let me say it like this. If you hired a coach to help your business make money:

  • Would you hire someone who just made their first million, but hasn’t sustained it? “I just made a million and I can teach you to do exactly the same,” is all over their marketing and it sure is catchy. But what if their business tanks in a year or two because they just didn’t know how to implement a real business model that is sustainable?
  • Would you hire someone that hasn’t even created a million in revenue yet, to teach you how to do it?
  • Would you hire a coach who has a million dollar business that’s been doing that a few years in a row, but isn’t fulfilled and is having to constantly sacrifice time with family, time for self care and other needs to make the whole thing “work”?

We’re heading into a new age and we need new skills and tools for love. And we need to elevate the conversation, we need to really be discerning about who is teaching the real deal and who is just teaching short-term strategies that aren’t sustainable or fulfilling because they’re manipulative and unaligned with our awakening and expanding multidimensional souls.

The tools I give you are NEW 5D Earth LOVE tools. It’s not for everyone. It’s for healers, star seeds, empaths and visionaries who are on earth to re-invent relationships as part of their spiritual mission. It’s for the generational cycle breakers. It’s for the creatives and dreamers. It’s for those who are here to usher in the New Age.

If you’re ready for 5D love, then just read this blog or follow men on FB or INSTA or TIK TOK. I spell out absolutely everything I teach in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

And if you’d like me to work with you to help you 1-1 then I invite you to send me a DM on Facebook and ask about my intensive. In that intensive we work on understanding and implementing the shifts I described above for a successful sacred union marriage that lasts.

Love, Emilia 🙂 🌷


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