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Don’t drive to meet a new love interest

When dating as a feminine woman, there is a piece of advice that I give to my students that saves them a ton of heartache and prevents reciprocity problems from the start of their love journey.

Navigating the Dating Landscape with Feminine Wisdom

This advice is this: Never drive to see a man.

There is no reason to drive an hour or even 30 minutes to meet a stranger.

If you’re using my 3-step dating filtering method that I spelled out step by step in an e-mail, you most likely wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. That’s because my method filters out players, narcissists, and men who are effeminate and want you to do all the work.

I want to be very clear here that I don’t mean he should come to your house.

I don’t recommend being in each other’s house before you’re ready to be exclusive with a guy and I don’t recommend exclusivity until you’re pretty sure there’s a good possibility of a long-term relationship with this guy because you like him, respect him, and admire him.

Even after a few dates, I never recommend this because it puts you in an intimate environment with the possibility of physical intimacy that could lead to sex.

And the problem with sex is that if you’re a feminine woman, your body will secrete a ton of oxytocin (which is the bonding hormone) and it will give you magical unicorn rose-colored glasses when it comes to this man. You will be biochemically bonded to him. Your body literally thinks your survival is dependent on him being around.

And if he’s not a good guy, or the right guy, or God forbid a toxic guy, you will be opening your door to a shit ton of problems.

So just let him come to you but don’t let him in your house, LOL.

And, I don’t mean he should pick you up or even come to your neighborhood.

The meeting place should be somewhere public, very easy for you to get to and never selected based on HIS convenience.

As I was writing out the above sentence, I realized how gamey it sounds.

So let me explain further. People (not just men) value the things they INVEST in. And one of the wisest things you can do to create a healthy foundation for a sacred partnership is to allow your guy to invest in you by coming to YOU.

Why Letting Him Come to You is Key for a Lasting Love Connection

More importantly, you will repel a masculine man by working too hard for the success of the relationship.

And you will get resentful and not get to enjoy being in your flowing feminine energy if YOU make yourself work too hard for an introduction.

When women work too hard for a relationship, it’s a red flag to healthy masculine men while at the same time it attracts effeminate men and narcissists.

Women work too hard because of social norms and female human mammal instincts related to mating.

These are things that will not change as we can’t change our biochemistry and our very old DNA-wired instincts for survival or social norms, but we can understand them and work WITH them instead of having them drive us.

This is the work we do in my 90-day 1 on 1 intensive is learning to partner with these aspects of ourselves and synergize them for our most pleasurable life.

This is an extremely valuable piece of personal growth when it comes to being successful in your sacred love partnership long term because we live in a society that constantly antagonizes our mating instincts for commercial gain.

This brings out the worst in both sexes.

But if you do the work now to recognize and minimize these effects, you will be ahead of the curve when it comes to marriage longevity and success.

The other reasons women work too hard and repel healthy masculine men have to do with their inner landscape and that CAN be changed. We do that in our work together.

One of these is being in masculine energy. To a masculine man, this feels like mothering or needing to be in control. It also feels like a lack of ability to partner or be a team player. Effeminate men, narcissists, players, and men who are not looking for a long-term relationship will eat that up because it just means less work for them.

But needing to be in masculine energy is the symptom of a much deeper cause. It can be low self-worth related to some of the devastating life incidents that happen to all of us that still need healing.

Being in masculine energy is also often related to a belief that you have to be doing something or providing something to be of value. This can be either personal or social programming and often is both. I see this come from a generational cycle of female sacrificing in love and that being the subconscious blueprint for success in love.

Transforming Dating Challenges into Opportunities for Personal Growth

The sacred partnership cannot exist on a foundation of sacrifice.

Learning and implementing this understanding in your life is profound personal growth that radiates to all relationships. It will make all of your relationships healthier and more productive and more fulfilling.

That’s why I just love this dating methodology so much because not only does it connect you with your twin flame in the quickest and easiest time frame, but it also shows you the healing that needs to be done in order to create a sacred partnership in your life.

And sacred partnership is the love blueprint for 5D new Earth.

I hope this has given you some insight into what’s effective when dating for a healthy and sustainable marriage. I also hope you can see how in applying this dating method you will not only save years of frustration and heartache but you will also be prepared to be the best partner you can be because you will have been able to identify and heal your blocks to SUSTAINABLE and FULFILLING love.

All of the problems I’ve listed above are what I help women solve in my 1-1 90-day intensive. If you’d like my help, just leave reply and ask about my 90-day 1-1 intensive. I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.


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