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Sacred Partnership: Transforming Love through Synergy and Sovereignty

A sacred partnership marriage has three surprising elements: There is no sacrifice, no compromise, and no co-dependence. Oh, and it’s only the foundation for our next level of spiritual evolution for the human race and its relationship into a galactic golden age.

In the new Earth, there is no sacrifice, there is synergy. There is no compromise, there is co-creation. And there is no co-dependence or (even independence), there is interdependence.

Sacrifice and compromise strip us of our power and codependence is an illusion that dissipates once you access your unique divine nature. You can’t be a capable and resourceful contributor to your partnerships if you’re operating from the paradigm of sacrifice, compromise, and codependence.

All power couples know this. All power couples want their partner to be at the top of their game as much as they want it for themselves.

Sacred partnership assumes that our creativity is limitless and there are multiple solutions to any problem. It’s a partnership that doesn’t advocate for either partner to be without their power, creativity, sovereignty, and strength.

Transforming Relationship : Embracing Sacred Partnership


The relationship is not simply transactional, it’s reciprocal. It’s a partnership not based in the world of the finite physical, it’s anchored in the world of the infinite spiritual.

It’s a partnership that exists in the infinite realm of possibilities within giving and receiving each other’s gifts rather than merely exchanging each other’s assumed scarce resources.

It’s a way of being in a relationship that is rebellious and counter-culture LOL.

Of course, we need some elements of “transactionality” in our Earth relationships because we are in Earth bodies and we must survive in the physical.

There are bills to pay and children to feed and only so many hours in the day. But if all you know how to create in your relationships are transactional dynamics, your relationships won’t be fulfilling or sustainable for either partner.

We currently live in a society that capitalizes on its individual being without power, creativity, or sovereignty.

This is what’s modeled to us and many of us do relationships this way because the sovereign power and sacred partnership model isn’t taught in most families, schools, churches, or in mainstream society.

Sacred Partnership is what I teach my students, clients and I create these types of relationships all the time – not just romantically but also in friendships and even at work.

My marriage is a sacred partnership, my business is a sacred partnership and my few friendships are also in this realm. Before that, my corporate job was a sacred partnership, can you believe it?

Yep, it happened because together with the divine mind/God/source, I alchemized it to be so.

It’s a super cool skill. And it’s one we need if we are to create new systems, governments, and laws that serve the many and not just the few.

And it starts with you and me. In our home, in our family, in your community, at our workplace, in our country.

The Blueprint for Forever Love: Navigating the Paradigm Shift

I believe that the most important place to acquire and practice sacred partnership is in marriage because the family is the foundation for the tribe of the collective culture. Social and cultural paradigm shifts start in the family.

And also, if we can get that down in marriage, we can get that down in our communities and if we can get it down in our communities, we can make it happen globally.

What would your kids be like if they grow up witnessing a sacred partnership between their parents?

How many generational cycles would you break if you committed to this goal as part of your personal growth on your life path?

How would you take this one step and one dedicated journey in the service of love to impact, resonate and reverberate throughout human consciousness?

I discovered all this because I was raised in the antithesis of it. And knowing how painful and devastating it was to grow up that way I vowed to do everything within my power to change it. And I did. I broke the cycle.

I grew up in an emotionally abusive home with parents disconnected from Source Energy. I experienced a kind of devastation and desperation that I think we’re all experiencing collectively today.

I felt I was in the middle of a constant war for power. My parents were raised in a communist country (Bulgaria) and I lived there until I was 10. There was the dehumanization aspect of this war, the stripping of our humanity, creativity, and divinity. I saw the outer played out on the inner landscape of the relationships inside my family of origin.

Instead of continuing to participate in these outdated narratives, I encourage us all to think about what our society and culture would look like when we exit them.

That’s why I just love this work so much and everything I teach is back-engineered from the outcome which is being in forever love.

And forever love which is a sustainable and fulfilling long-term sacred partnership.

From Compromise to Co-Creation: A Journey to Sacred Power Partnerships

I love that there is a way of dating that sets you up for this kind of partnership. And even if you’re already in a pretty good partnership there are so many ways to activate it into a sacred power partnership by simply stopping to exist in the paradigm of compromise and sacrifice and instead asking; How can we co-create? What would synergy and (not merely symbiosis) look and feel like now? If I had it all my way, it would look like this…..

I feel so passionate about this because after working with many women to help them attract and marry their partners as well as consistently creating these kinds of partnerships in my life, I now believe that this is the DIVINE blueprint for relationships.

No one who is thriving and connected to their power wants you to compromise.

No one who loves their life wants you to sacrifice.

No one who is joyful and successful wants you to have any less.

This is humanity’s divine blueprint. You can claim it too.

I help women do this in my 1-1 90-day intensive. If you’d like my help, just hit reply and ask about my intensive. I will respond with a few questions to see if we’re a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

Love Emilia

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