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Don’t Settle: Qualities Matter but Circumstances Change

No you shouldn’t lower your standards.

But do consider if your “standards” are personal qualities you desire in a man (qualities desired in a man are not things I recommend changing) or if your “standards” are mere circumstances you desire (which I do recommend re-considering).

That’s because qualities are personality characteristics and soul-level traits of a man that are most likely not going to change over time.

They will stay constant.

This is like the saying a leopard does not change its spots – because spots are inherent to the leopard.

Qualities almost always do not change with time.

And this is great news because when focusing on a man’s qualities, you do have a secure foundation for lasting love.

However, circumstances are temporary and fleeting.

These are current conditions, surroundings and contexts that WILL and DO change.

If your standards for a mate include these, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

You won’t be basing your determination on a lasting foundation.

You will be building your house on sand.

The other thing to consider when it comes to “standards,” is the external disempowering voices that abound with messages of what’s possible and probable in love.

These messages encourage a superficial and materialistic focus on the circumstances in a person’s life, and not his inherent qualities.

In other words, the world tells us to look for circumstances and we buy it.

Many of the ways of being and thinking in our culture and society prioritize circumstances as determining the success of a relationship but those are not the things that govern your foundation for sustainable fulfilling love.

What we are told is true about love isn’t.

There are few models of sacred union around.

You may not have seen it in your family of origin or in those around you.

Then you’ve never had a model of healthy love.

But that doesn’t mean the blueprint isn’t there..the divine design isn’t the world’s voices.

I believe that we hold within our soul, the blueprint of sacred union between divine feminine and divine masculine.

It’s time to channel that from within and make the blueprint a physical reality.

The tantric bond between male and female polarity is an extraordinary cosmic creative force that is your birthright.

It does take time, in our current society and culture, to strip away all the falsehoods about love and sift through to its spiritual essence.

For example, if you look up tantra, the first thing you see is, positions, positions, positions.

And you probably already know that tantra or sacred union expressed in life and in sex has almost nothing to do with positions.

As an empath, teacher, leader, visionary leader or entrepreneur, you’re more powerful when you get to reside in your feminine energy with the supernatural nourishment that comes from sacred union with your masculine counterpart.

I truly believe this is what God, the Universe and Cosmos intends for each of us in our relationships.

The dark kabal tries to cheapen the tantric bond by having you focus on positions, perfume, clothes, status, money, consumerism, and materialistic things instead of the spiritual essence that is there in a man.

Why might that be, anyone?

What you can do to counteract this, is really truly learn to start looking for qualities and not circumstances.

This will help you really SEE the masculine (in both men and women) but especially in healthy masculine men.

  • Circumstances are fleeting and not the thing to focus on when you’re seeking real love.
  • Qualities are forever and if you marry based on these, it’s unlikely you’ll separate.

Circumstances are things that are fairly fleeting such as where he works, what he does, what he wears, how much money he makes, his appearance, his health, his success, his fitness level, what kind of car he drives, what university he graduated form, etc. These have nothing to do with the success of a sacred partnership.

Qualities are things that you must look beneath the surface to find. Qualities are attributes such as kindness, generosity, tenderness, support, authenticity, enthusiasm, efficiency, presence, resilience, patience, wisdom, trustworthiness, contentment, drive, balance, spontaneity, depth, willingness, acceptance, respect for the feminine, integrity, work ethic, sincerity, follow-through, willingness to not take himself too seriously (humor), creativity/playfulness, honor, intellect, flexibility, capacity for compassion and understanding, courage, sense of adventure, sense of responsibility, discernment, intentionality, ability to communicate, openness, etc….these rarely change over time and are the things to build your sacred union on.

So no, you should not lower your standards, but please DO re-consider your standards from the framework presented here.

Circumstances fade but Qualities remain.

Your power comes from aligning yourself with your inner truth and not with the general consensus.

Decide on 3-5 qualities that would be incredible to have in a partner.

Mine were kindness, love for God, masculine polarity, work ethic and compassion.

And I get to revel in these qualities every day in my marriage.

If you want help attracting sacred union for a sacred marriage or 5D New Earth Love, then PM me and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that program we work on clearing out the world’s messaging around love and around what’s possible between real life men and women.

We work on opening your sacred feminine heart and leading with it when you date but with powerful boundaries that keep you safe.

You will immediately start to attract healthy masculine men through a profoundly simple but effective dating strategy I teach.

Then we work on healing the barriers of self-protection erected around your heart through releasing, forgiveness and compassion and we work on powerful partnering skills that allow you to create a healthy, hot sacred partnership with a man with your dream qualities who loves you and shows up for you.

My clients meet their match in an average of 3 months in as few as 10 dates.

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