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For Feminine Leaders Dating: Free Masterclass on How to Meet Your RIGHT Match

Feminine leaders are givers. That’s why dating for YOU is EXTRA hard – your feminine needs and wants to receive but your heart is a Giver Heart.

That’s why you NEED a Healthy Masculine Man with a GIVER Heart too – and guess what?

ALL Healthy Masculine men have Giver Hearts.

And when they’re ready for a partner, YOU become the focus of his GIVER HEART.

HE wants you to be the receptacle for all of his gifts. He gets nourished spiritually and biochemically by that energy flow and SO DO YOU.

A feminine leader has a sacred, powerful, loving, generous, compassionate giving heart. And she also has Divine, creative holy Feminine Energy.

Because your GIVER heart is so online, you unconsciously and inadvertently take the GIVER role in dating – which is the masculine energy.

Not because you’re masculine. But because you have a feminine leader’s heart.

And so what happens is you show your beautiful giver heart and you end up with narcissists, unhealthy men or effeminate men and you don’t feel MET.

It’s because you are YOU, leading with light and love, the way you lead in life.

And you’re a feminine leader and no, your leading isn’t necessarily masculine but the energy is like a light to the moths – putting your feminine leader heart forward does NOT attract healthy masculine men overall. I am SO sorry.

What you as a feminine leader with a generous compassionate heart REALLY REALLY need to do is to LEAN back.

Listen to Learn. Leave Space for him to SHOW you who HE is.

The 3 L’s:
Lean Back
Listen to Learn
Leave Space

You’re a creatrix, a visionary, you engage fully and passionately and erotically with life.

But in the beginning stages of dating you need to lean WAAAAY TF back and let a man show you that he’s WORTHY of you engaging in that way with HIM.

It doesn’t mean suppress yourself, your heart, your desires or your needs, passions or curiosities at all.

It means as a general approach allow MEN to come to you.

When I say this, it confuses women because they’re like, how?

NO men I like are coming to me – not at the grocery store, not at the dance club and not at the coffee shop.

That’s Ok. Social norms have changed. This takes a little extra finesse to master these days.

AND….there is a place where many, many men WILL come to you and if you know HOW TO SELECT, you will pick an amazing one as a partner – and that is online.

Once you get the energetics of ALLOWING men to come to you, you will start attracting healthy men in real life too! So your actual dream man may not come from the online apps BUT he will have come AS A RESULT of the energy you learned to wield using the online apps as practise.

The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to learn this lesson in energetics is to use online dating apps with an intentional strategy for selecting introductions to men who demonstrate healthy masculine energy and readiness in generating a connection.

Once you start to practice this energy, you will have it turned “on” and off as you need it.

You will attract an abundance of high quality men and ALLOW them to pursue and THEN…

and only THEN…

…Will you SHOW the qualified one(s) your sacred feminine leader heart.

Because at that point, THOSE will be healthy masculine men and you will be SAFE.

I can’t tell you in this one FB post what learning this ONE skill can do in your love life and in your life as a whole.

For you.
For your children.
For your life’s work.
For your mission.
For your community.

You will never again settle, sacrifice and play small in your relationship with men.

You will repel unhealthy men.

You will SELECT the right men to date. And then…….from those…

You will meet your dream man.

Want to know HOW?

I am teaching this in my Masterclass today March 14th at 8 am EST/11 am PST.

Register here:

Even if you can’t make it live, if you register, you will get the replay.

SO Looking forward to meeting you!

XO Emilia

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