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For The Feminine Leaders Who Want to BE Engaged in 12 Months

NO, dating for Divine Union is NOT a numbers game.

Things can change massively and quickly in your love life IF you have the right guidance.

There is a reason I have curated my high proximity sacred union offer at12 months with the name “Engaged in 12 months.”

With over 20 years of my experience after going on 500 international dates before meeting my husband, I have learned that it doesn’t really have to take a long time or a ton of bad dates (learn from my experiences) or isolating yourself in mediations to manifest your divine masculine.

You can really cut out years of hit-and-miss trial and error drama and heartbreak.

And when you look back, you’ll feel you kind of skipped to the good (engagement) part rapidly with the man of your dreams!

And he also happens to be the ONE you actually needed to be with in the first place!

Several of my clients have taken the Engaged in 12 months private coaching with me and they got engaged to their divine masculine in less than 12 months.

These women are from a wide range of age, past history, life stage (divorced, single moms, never married) and they still got to the engagement stage in 12 months or less.

It’s because the way I approach coaching them gets straight to the point of the exact things they need to attract a high value man who cares for her, protects her, adores her and cherishes her like the divine feminine she is.

Most times, this is a conscious masculine, who at first may seem very different from the image they have in their head or the checklist they have created about their soulmate.

But once they work with me, they can easily see beyond those blinders and recognize the available, loving, and healthy masculine who was waiting for them all along.

If you are a feminine leader who has created success in your career and you have a mission to further this success – while being happily married to your divine masculine – my “Engaged in 12 Months” program can help you get there in just 12 months. 🙂

Engaged in 12 months is highly strategic, spiritually focised and energetically designed to help you reach the engagement stage in 12 months or less. Not because you’re in a rush. But because you’re beign intentional about what you’re creating and selecting the right man to match.

It is at $22,222 pay in full right now or $2,222 per month for 12 months with some incredible bonuses that I am offering for the first time.

If this calls to you, send me a DM with the link to this post and we’ll discuss if this container is aligned for you.

But before that, just take a minute to visualise how you’d feel being engaged to your divine masculine this time around next year!

With love,


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