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Form Follows Function

Shaky feminine/masculine energetics is the reason that your relationships don’t work out once you meet a man you like and things seem to be going somewhere positive.

If you (the feminine woman) are not intentionally – or even absentmindedly because you’re multiple dating, lol – holding a vulnerable and receptive space for him to enter on his own timing, and of his own volition, he doesn’t have anywhere to land as a masculine.

To put it plainly, there’s nowhere to put it.

Form follows function.

Masculine men’s energetic function is generative and penetrative and hence they also have that form.

Feminine women’s energetic function is the receptive and creative and hence they have the form for that.

We are talking about ENERGETICS here, not rules.

Once the energy is flowing safely and securely between a couple, it creates momentum and a fortress that can’t be messed with, it’s unshakable.

That’s why it’s SO worth cultivating the energetics of sacred union and you see me go on and on but this is how you AVOID divorce, a broken home and a broken heart!

Once the energetics work and are flowing from masculine to feminine and back to masculine, where the masculine knows he will be received and appreciated and the feminine knows she will be safe and supported (in other words, both partners are feeling SAFE being their core polarity energy and not attacked the way the mainstream teaches us to attack these sacred energies), the bond is UNBREAKABLE.

It takes a LOT to destroy/shake this kind of energetic/tantric bond, because it’s like a wide river flowing.

And the river nourishes BOTH partners.

So much energy.

So much power.

Can you stop a strong river? Not so easy.

Can you mess with a puddle that’s blown here and there by the wind? VERY easy.

Do your part to create a LOVE RIVER and not a puddle with your masculine man, lol. This is EAXCLTY what I help you create in my 1-1 private intensive; either in the relationship you’re currently in with the man you’re dating or if you know you tend to regularly create these kinds of dynamics in your dating life and therefore end up with the wrong men.

If you’re a feminine woman but you just don’t know what to do in the early tender dating stages with a masculine man, then, yes, you COULD mess it up and yes, this IS what I help with, so send me a DM if you want help.

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