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Generational Cycle Breakers and Love Legacy Leavers, This is for YOU

If you keep attracting the wrong men there are only 2 main reasons.

  1. you don’t know how to SELECT a healthy man
  2. you have a family of origin blueprint for love which is unhealthy

Almost every single woman I work with has both problems and I can help you solve both problems in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Let’s discuss the family of origin blueprint for love.

It’s something that gets downloaded to us in our family of origin.

It’s not something that’s conscious.

It’s something that our survival instincts see as “the way you survive.”

Because your parents might not have been happy, fulfilled or respectful to each other or you and it didn’t kill them, right? LOL

So your instinct brain thinks that’s the way to survive. Her job is not to be logical, creative or re-consider. Her job is to make sure you survive.

That’s how your tribe did it, so it must work. To survive.

That’s all she can see. She’s not a logical being. She’s driven by instinct to provide your comfort, security, and increase the chances of your survival at all costs. She’s not worried about creating, sacred union or rainbows. She wants to make sure you survive. That’s it that’s all the end.

So this part unconsciously selects the wrong men FOR you.

Those wrong men, deep down, feel like “home.”

And what happens when you start to implement my dating for healthy masculine men formula is you start meeting healthy masculine men.

And your human animal will NOT be OK. LOL.

She will NOT think you’re going to survive this.

She WILL tell you to stop RIGHT NOW.

She will try and protect you from upgrading the blueprint that, yes WORKS because you SURVIVE, but doesn’t lead to a joyful fulfilling life where you THRIVE.

What I call this is two operating systems clashing.

Your free will or human spirit WANTS to be FREE, wants to be loved, wants to love, wants to be fulfilled. Your Human spirit dreams of healthy hot sacred love. Your Human spirit can and WILL create this, if you let her…and maybe get some support wink wink.

But there WILL be a clash.

It will NOT feel natural.

It will NOT feel intuitive.

You WILL be in unfamiliar territory.

Your body will be brought to a place of running energy in a whole different way – a way that doesn’t COST you.

A way where you don’t have to compromise, sacrifice or be on constant edge just to have your needs of love and belonging met.

See, that’s what’s so insidious about unhealthy family dynamics, is they propagate until they are addressed.

I know many of my readers are the cycle breakers and legacy leavers, so yes, this is for YOU!

Because I did so many years of on the ground research in narcissistic abuse (the equivalent of a PHD, honestly) because I spoke to thousands of people, both men and women, all different ages and life scenarios, for over 5 yrs.

Whether it was a narcissistic mom, dad, sibling, family system or X, we looked at it. We looked at the severe impact a narcissistic family member had on the child.

The effect is that the child feels that they are NOT safe without sacrificing themselves.

Their idea of love is that they need to sacrifice, be drained, be GIVING.

This week I worked with two clients re-working their love blueprint.

One has followed my dating system and met a healthy masculine man who is READY for a relationship and she’s having to run her energy a whole NEW way.

She’s with a man who WANTS her in her power.

Who WANTS all of her.

And yet this is not EASY for her because she gets scared every time she leaves the old operating system.

And this makes perfect sense.

The old operating system is how you survive, so when you start operating according to the NEW system of YES there ARE healthy men who’ve GOT you, who WANT you in your power, who WANT to support you in your wildest dreams (my hubby!!!!) you’re initially a bit flabbergasted.

Your survival brain can’t add it up.

This is outside of its zone of familiarity and therefore it’s NOT safe.

See your body/mind/soul amazing magical human organism ran energy a certain way for most of your life.

One of the clients I am speaking about is 39 and the other one is 59.

They are BOTH reworking the blueprint and doing the REAL DEAL WORK!

And this requires BEING IN THE ARENA.

Meeting men who will ALLOW you and SUPPORT you to run your energy differently.

Your body/mind/spirit organism isn’t used to running energy that way yet.

She doesn’t know it’s safe yet.

She tries to do it the old way because that’s what worked, even though it was painful and deplorable, it was familiar and from that point of view comfortable and safe.

And for the women that come in to do this work, the shift isn’t immediate but it IS powerful AF, lasting and completely lifechanging for them and their children.

Even if they have adult children, this work affects the ancestral line and from my understanding and experience it even affects the ancestral line in both directions of time.

Why? Because our ancestors couldn’t DO this work.

They didn’t have what we have – each other.

They didn’t have internet, books, TV, access to information.

Most of our ancestors were strictly concerned with survival whereas in 2024 many of us are living into THRIVAL!

If you find yourself continuing to attract the wrong men, even if you’ve done a TON of work, it’s most likely that you have not yet gone to the root of rewiring your blueprint for love.

That’s exactly what I help women do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

That’s how they meet their match in an average of 10 dates over 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week.

You can too! And dating HEALTHY, AVAILABLE, MASCULINE and READY men IS part of the journey.

You can’t re-create the blueprint at home in bed, alone, sorry.

AND we don’t have to start with dating if you don’t feel ready, because we also do deep healing on the dynamics that held that blueprint in place and release it!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this life-changing work and I invite you to send me a DM and ask me about it if you KNOW that you’re the cycle-breaker and legacy leaver of your ancestral line!

I am ready to help you THRIVE in love and be loved AND in your power!

Looking forward to meeting you!


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