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A Healthy Man is the New Hot Man

The reason your dating efforts keep frustrating you, if you are a feminine energy woman, is because you do not know how to sort quickly and efficiently for a healthy man that is masculine, healthy/high-quality and ready for commitment.

Let’s look at HEALTHY because I’ve already written a lot about how to tell if a man is masculine by the way he generates communication and connection. But a man being a healthy person is the next most important part.

Because HEALTHY is the New Hot LOL.

Assuming that you are a feminine woman ready for your soulmate/right match/serious relationship/commitment-minded masculine man/balanced partner/harmonious match, the second most important thing is to determine is if this masculine man is HEALTHY/HIGH-QUALITY.

A note on healthy and high quality: Often women think that high-quality means that the man is financially well off, has a successful career or is wealthy, is educated or has some kind of high social status or all of the above.

And that may very well be the case.

And while it would be nice to date a healthy masculine man who has already created the above circumstances in his life, a man with all of these circumstances isn’t necessarily HEALTHY OR high-quality. Please note this is very important as I see this exact issue as the root of many problems in relationships.

Like you’ve probably met men who have a lot of money but who are not actually WEALTHY because they’re not generous.

A HEALTHY and MASCULINE man will easily generate good, life-affirming circumstances in his life whether you currently see them manifested or not.

I am going to reiterate this because it’s truly priceless info: A healthy masculine man will be in touch with his intuition, creativity and healthy work ethic. He will be naturally inspired and motivated – for spiritual and biochemical reasons – to produce results and protect and provide for those he loves.

That’s why even if your guy is young and just starting out or perhaps he went through a divorce and is rebuilding, if he’s masculine and healthy, he will have the most important skills necessary both for being a good partner to a feminine woman AND being successful in worldly pursuits.

So I do not advise that you to pick men based on circumstances but based on qualities, because circumstances change and qualities rarely do. I have written more on that in another post linked below.

Circumstances CHANGE. QUALITIES don’t change.

Here are some examples of circumstances:

-what kind of car he drives
-where he lives
-how much money he makes
-where he works
-what job title he has

Circumstances change over life and if you’re looking for a life long partnership, consider that the above will change over your lifetime of marriage. If your relationship is founded on circumstances, it will likely NOT have the foundation it needs for long-term fulfilling love and partnership.

Here’s some examples of qualities:

-he is kind
-he believes in God
-he is hard working
-he is honest
-he is ambitious
-he loves to learn
-he is generous
-he is creative

What are some qualities that you would love your partner to have? For me I wanted masculine, believed in God and kind. And I got all 3!!!!!



Qualities very rarely change throughout life. The most important QUALITY that we are looking for is that this person is a masculine being. You can think of that as a quality if it helps, but it’s actually a fundamental part of his spiritual make-up.

Now, what about healthy?

Here are the 10 signs of a healthy man. A healthy man must have ALL 10 of these to be healthy. If he doesn’t have all 10 of these with rare exceptions, he’s not a healthy man.

  1. He cares about your needs and goes out of his way to meet them.
  2. He wants to provide for you and your needs and is HAPPY to do so whether the needs be emotional, mental, financial, sexual, etc…
  3. He will cherish your feelings even if they are not logical.
  4. He will never speak down to you, put you down, criticize you harshly or demean you.
  5. He will support you by wanting to help in your dreams, goals and projects and may ask, “what can I do to help with that?”
  6. He will want to spend time with you and take care of you (but to know when he’s doing this, I recommend reading Alison Armstrong’s “Making Sense of Men” book.)
  7. He will keep his word and if he forgets or doesn’t do what he promised, he will apologize.
  8. He will apologize and admit his mistakes.
  9. He will be happy when you’re happy.
  10. He will encourage you to participate in the activities and hobbies that interest you.

While you can determine if he’s masculine by whether he generates a connection before even meeting him if you follow my dating strategy, it takes a little longer to determine if he’s healthy.

It doesn’t matter if a healthy man, if he’s not masculine because then he won’t be your POLARITY match. In other words, a healthy feminine man would make a great friend but there will be no foundation for eros and romance.

But once we’ve determined that he’s masculine, then we can start working on the next important quality of importance; is he healthy? That’s why I made you this handy checklistyou can get FREE here.

Feel free to send me a DM and let me know if you want help attracting your healthy high quality masculine man in apx 3 months by learning how to quickly and efficiently date for masculine, healthy men so you can pick your fave!

If you’re a single woman and interested in starting a long-term committed relationship that leads to marriage (and is built on trust, play, creativity and fulfillment!), I teach this in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

Send me a DM and ask me about the intensive and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a good fit and if so, we can get started within a few days.

My clients meet their match in just about 3 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week, which means you can be with your special masculine healthy man before the end of 2024 and laying the foundation for engagement and life long partnership.

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