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Here’s what one of the women inside just shared!

There are still 3 spots open in my Everything Dating program for women

Here’s what one of the women inside just shared!


She’s been on 3 dates With Bachelor #2 and 2 coffee dates with Bachelor #1.

“I am still holding court in the evening and receiving calls. Bachelor #1 still wants me to fly over in a couple of weeks and I am holding off on that until we have a few more facetime coffee dates (I am not enjoying his conversation as much as Bachelor #2).

Things are moving and progressing quickly (with Bachelor #2). We are covering a lot of getting to know you ground and we are both still a yes.

He’s showing up, initiating, actions match words, he’s a gentleman, he’s helpful and giving, taking the lead, grounded, etc.

I give him an 8.5 only b/c I am sure there are things I do not know.

If I rate him without what I do not know I give him a 10 so far.

I am receiving, showing gratitude, staying open and grounded when the finds my edges and asking for what I need and want.

I understand now what you mean when you say that getting to know each other can happen quickly! He’s leading it so I want to be aware of how I am observing and want to know more of what I am seeing.

I observed his first ‘stress test’ when the other night his car was locked in the park after the gates were locked (they lock them right after dark and we were still finishing a hike). He got us out! No sweat.

He’s coming up this evening, I made a bite to eat and he’s going to help me load my car for my event this weekend. Tomorrow he’s coming to the reception I’m holding for my clients (so, a work event).women women women


All of this happened in less than 3 weeks!

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