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Here’s Why I Became a Coach

I love coaching soo much. I have a coach. There are times I go through where I have multiple coaches. I love that we live in a world where if you think you have something to say, we have the platforms, the ability and the way to share it.

Coaching isn’t just about success, it’s about joy, empowerment, self-expression, freedom and fulfillment.

Coaching isn’t like therapy.

Coaching isn’t like having a sports coach.

If you’ve ever wanted something and you didn’t know what it was…

But you knew it wasn’t therapy…..

And you knew it wasn’t a go go ra ra you can do it kind of coach…
if you ever felt alone in your life, making the brave steps into the unknown alone, feeling lost, aimless, feeling confused, scared, wanting MORE from life…..

And know deep in your heart this is your way and you’re making your way through the dark, touching everything as you go to get a sense of place and space…

THIS, this is where a coach meets you.

A coach can’t do it FOR you.

But a good coach will walk WITH you and you will NEVER be alone again.

Side by side.

Heart by heart.

A good coach will SHOW you the way you didn’t know you were looking for, yet you KNEW there must be something else there, something MORE.

You felt it in your heart of hearts but you just couldn’t find the door?

THAT’s what a good coach hugs you. SEES you. Helps you find YOUR door.

The darkness lifts and there is the most beautiful, glorious sunrise.

Now you see the gate you want to walk through.

Now you see your path clearly.

It’s an inner sight.

It’s an inner doorway.

Maybe even no one you know in your normal life knows about this path. They couldn’t show you.

They don’t know about the gate to freedom and fulfillment you’re seeking.

And maybe even they’re walking in their life in a way you know you never could or would or dream of.

Because deep down you know you can’t live the “normal” path.

There is a quiet desperation within your soul because of this.

You don’t even KNOW you want or need a coach. I didn’t.

Because it’s not like coaching is a normal thing most people do anyway.

But when you start walking within the circles of extraordinary women…

EVERY SINGLE ONE has a coach. Or more….

A mentor.

A guide.

A sister to walk her path with her.

It’s something you GIVE yourself when you’re ALL in, for YOU.

In some cases the coach/mentor/guide knows the path.
And in many cases the coach/mentor/guide doesn’t know YOUR path.

But she’s there WITH you so you don’t walk alone.

She shows up again and again, willing to be present as you explore the deepest depths of your heart and soul for the thing you desire most…the longing of longings.

In my case I get to walk with you to sacred marriage with your Divine counterpart.

Every single client’s path is different.

But there is a similar trajectory.

I love love love being a coach.

A Friend.

A sacred soul sister with you on YOUR path.

I don’t have this ALL figured out. I just know I am here for you and if you want my help, you will FEEL it. And if that happens for you, I invite you to send me a DM and say hi!

I didn’t know that the name for what I wanted to do and be in the world, my sacred work with a capital W had a name.

And the most common name was coach.

Coaching is sacred to me.

There is nothing else like it.

And I want to tell you how I arrived at this sacred work…..

I used to be a realtor in San Diego and I LOVED it.

I made 6 figs, bought my own house at 26, got a great blend of desk time working on paperwork and out and about time meeting clients at houses which was what I had asked God for.

It was perfect. And then I’d give them marriage advice over contracts LOL.

But I knew it was a JOB. A great job. A job I LOVED.

It wasn’t my PURPOSE.

I remember when I came to the realization that I would be INVENTING my career.

It was when I worked at a mortgage company and I LOVED my healthy masculine men bosses who took care of us and LED.

I had an employer care package where I could go to counseling and it was 5 free sessions.

I found a therapist who offered career counselling and I went to her for all 5 sessions.

We did aptitude tests.

We arranged shapes into molds and timed how long it took LOL.

We timed my aptitude putting words in sentences exercises LOL.

And then she sent me home with a thick document.

It was a list of 300 professions.

She said take this home and next session tell me what excites you.

On that list were things like respiratory nurse, lawyer, doctor, engineer, marketer, etc. And not ONE of these excited me.

Not ONE.

The only one that felt was in any way related to who I deeply desired to be in the world was teacher.

But I knew I didn’t want to teach in the public school system or universities, that was for sure.

Therapist didn’t excite me because I had been to many over my lifetime and none of them helped me get to the other side of where I wanted to go.

For me it was in the area of relationships.

The men I dated, the possibility of having a happy marriage, that was what my heart yearned for and the only people that had helped me get closer to my heart’s desire were coaches. People like Alison Armstrong, and authors/teachers like Brenee Brown and John Gray.

And then it dawned on me.

My career, my sacred Work wasn’t something someone was going to define FOR me. I was going to have to CREATE it myself.

So I did.

And that’s how you came to read this post. I am so happy you’re here!

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me. And say, hi! I am Emilia! Welcome to my world and thank you for being here.

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