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The Best Love Advice: Don’t Look for a Spiritual Man

I hear from many women that they are looking for a spiritual man because they are spiritual.

I know when I was dating, before I understood about masculine and feminine energetics in sacred marriage, I thought I should look for a spiritual man, because I considered myself a spiritual woman.

But here’s something that completely changed my love life around. And shortly after I really GOT it, I met my husband. Here’s the priceless advice: Don’t look for a spiritual man, look for a MASCULINE man.

Most spiritual men are feminized and out of touch with their masculine authentic core polarity.

What that means for YOU as a feminine woman is that you will once again play mommy, feel unmet, feel unsupported and unseen. Feminine men or wounded men are not capable of giving you the support you need as a feminine being. More in a minute on why you’re attracting them…

Masculine men, on the other hand, have your back if you LET them.

If you don’t let them, they leave. If you’re in a cycle of attracting spiritual femininized boyz, consider that you might be in your masculine energy.

If you feel like you don’t know how to attrat a masculine man and you keep attracting men who yout hink are masculine because they LOOK masculine but later you realize they are either effeminate men or unhealthy man…let me tell you a secret that will help you pick a pasculine man:

Masculine men leave clues LOL.

They desire to lead, not because they want to be macho but because healthy masculine energy is GENERATIVE in nature and its natural expression is to serve, provide, help, initiate, support, give and offer, fulfill.

Also, masculine men don’t lead by talking about how they feel because it’s not relevant to their sense of who they are in the world.

They are more focused on their honor, integrity and the achievement of their goals.

When I talk about honor, this is the definition that applies (from Miriam Webster): to live up to or fulfill the terms of a commitment or agreement.

And the commitment or agreement he is fulfilling is the one he has with himself – about how he will treat himself, how he will treat those he loves, who he is working to become in the world.

And if he’s living this way, you can count on him, you can trust him and you can depend on him, regardless of feelings.

He wants you to.

A man who leads with with his feelings might be someone you can connect with but he is not someone you can lean on the way you can lean on a masculine man who is connected to his honor and capable of putting feelings aside.

An emotional man is simply easier to relate to as an equal. But that doesn’t make him a good PARTNER.

Because you don’t want an equal, dear feminine woman, am I right?

You want a compliment. A PARTNER. Not a girlfriend. Right?

In looking for the healthy MASCULINE in men, you will naturally find the spiritual and holy by Divine Design.

So don’t look for the spiritual in men, look for the MASCULINE and you will find the DIVINE.

Love, Emilia

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