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Him Tearing Down Your Walls is NOT Romantic: Healthy Men Want to be INVITED in

Him tearing down your walls is NOT romantic.

Healthy men want to be INVITED in.

They are not going to violate.

Believing tearing down walls is romantic is something those of us that haven’t yet done the inner work to dismantle secular brainwashing about romantic relationships buy into.

Such ideas reinforce antiquated narratives about relationship and marriage roles, where men are positioned as assertive conquerors while women are passive recipients of their advances.

It’s something that those of us who are unhealthy and aren’t willing to take responsibility for our life and our results partake in because we don’t want to be accountable for our feminine part in the co-creation of a healthy relationship. We want it to just arrive at our door LOL.

But why? Where did we get this idea? Women are not passive entities awaiting rescue or conquest but active participants in the co-creation of partnership, love and fulfillment.

We have a PART to play in a PARTnership, which is to invite, offer quality information about our desires, receive his contributions and reciprocate.

This is vulnerable AF so we’d just rather “wait for a man to come crashing our walls down.”

But this is a problem because……

It will be the unhealthy men that get attracted to the repelling energy of walls.

The men who want a challenge forever, who don’t believe they are worthy of a good woman, the men who dislike and don’t trust women and the men who want to control and subjugate women is who walls attract.

This energy will attract men who are not grounded, not peaceful, the men who are used to chaos and drama.

More than anything it will attract a man who…WANTS to break through walls.

Think about it. What kind of man is it that that WANTS to break into things uninvited?

It’s a taker man. A subjugator. A controlling man.

If you want healthy, lasting love – you must CLEAR this “he’s going to come crashing through my walls” idea. It’s not partnership. It’s not romance and it’s not healthy love.

I can help you see and clear the blocks. We can actually repurpose the life force energy you were using for self-protection towards CREATION.

This is the kind of work that we do in my 90 day 1-1 intensive. The work has 3 main pillars – plain physical dating strategies that WORK to attract high value men, healing your heart wall and clearing any beliefs and attitudes such as the ones I described here and understanding men and the masculine.

Those are the 3 main areas we work on so that you can align yourself with high quality men when dating, communicate with them effectively and pick your favorite one to build a lasting fulfilling partnership with.

If you want my help, send me a DM and ask about my 90 day 1-1 intensive. I will respond with a few questions to see if it’s a good fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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