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Musings on Leadership and horses….

I know there are horse women here so I wanted to write about this crazy thing….. but I think probably many non horse people will relate too, because I think with my human brain it has to do with REAL leadership.

There is a quality of leadership that my horse requests from me that I am ashamed to say I consistently fail at.

I am crying as I came back from the stable seeing my horse. I just want her love and respect.

Unveiling the Leadership Essence

The whip doesn’t get it.

Being stern doesn’t get it.

Being soft and loving doesn’t get it.

Being gentle and sweet doesn’t get it either.

What does get it?

A certain “je-ne-sais quoi” gets it. And I am after that thing desperately!

It’s a certain presense. A spiritual nakedness. A raw and real listening.

My trainer has it.

A Horse’s Tale of Two Leaders

When my trainer is with my horse, my horse is an incredbly curious combination of:


-alert and ready to do as asked (I imagine her giving my trainer a salute, like a soldier to a seargent lol)

-affectionate with her gaze

-eager to please

-proud when praised and she knows she’s done a good job



-at ease


When she’s with me she is:


-puts ears back on affection



-looking for carrots LOL

-the horse equivalent of rolling her eyes at me lol

So like I said……There is a quality of leadership that my horse requires from me that I consistently fail at.

It makes me feel so small.

It almost makes me feel handicapped.

I feel like I am starting from 0.

From lesss than 0.

When will I be worthy of her love and respect?

Anyone can lead with a whip.

A gun.

A dictatorship.

But who leads with love and partnership will have their followers willing to die for their leader.

When I use the whip/stern tone/”punishment”

She has that look in her eye that says, sure I will do what you want because you have the whip but I don’t respect you.

And it kills me.

I am after that je-ne-sais-quoi leadership.

I have a feeling those of you reading this might know EXACTLY what I mean and you might be after the same thing.

The kind of leadership that we’ve seen in the world, but it’s not common.

The kind of leadership that we need and crave and requre of ourselves to be the best we can be…..

The kind where the “followers” LOVE their leader.

Maybe would even die for their leader.

I am describing this in human terms.

But it’s that spiritual supernatural leadership that we all crave and deeply need.

Maybe the kind Jesus gave.

I don’t know what I am saying but yet I do.

Do you feel me?


Someone please say polo LOL