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HOW did I get here in love?

I met my husband online for love with an ad that said, “Feminine European-born looking for gentleman for long-term.”🤣🤣🤣 The ad was posted on former Craigslist in San Diego about 13 yrs ago.


But it WASN’T an accident.

I DID NOT “simply” get lucky. I mean I am CRAZY lucky. We both are.

But, it WAS NOT all in God’s hands – I had my part to play and my work to do and my personal choices to make that aligned me with my highest timeline of sacred union with my soulmate and twin flame.

When preparedness meets opportunity is when you create SUCCESS and PROSPERITY.

HOW did I get here?

HOW do my clients meet their match in an average of 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates per week using this same method?

Hint: SUCCESS leaves clues.

Let me tell you what they are.

1. COMMITMENT – I was committed to finding my soulmate. At that time I didn’t know that sacred union was possible or what it was but I wanted EVERYTHING lol. My dedication and audacity in finding a husband led me to finding divine union as well. In our world, those two things are not always synonomous.

2. AUDACITY – I was willing to take risks and get uncomfortable over and over for the purpose of learning what exactly makes this relationship thing WORK. I approached it with almost childlike zeal and a complete empty cup. My cup was empty because I had seen in my family of origin a model that completely DIDN’T work.

3. STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGY – I didn’t have a strategy.



I went on close to 500 dates over apx 10 yrs. I went on mostly really really BAD dates lol. BAAAAD.

They were not bad because the men were bad. Most of the men were not bad. Only a very few men were bad – like honestly maybe like 2 LOL. They weren’t bad, they just weren’t a match and I DID NOT pick up what they were putting down. LOL Not becaue I was a bad woman but because I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I DID NOT KNOW.

Once I learned what I didn’t know and FINALLY put all the pieces together about the online dating process and dating in general, I met my husband within apx 3 weeks.

And before I met him, I had gotten really good at filtering for HIGH quality masculine men so I was dating and having GREAT experiences with GREAT MEN! And that’s exactly what my clients start to experience following my strategy.

That’s how my really devoted clients meet their guy in as soon as 10 dates or within apx 6 weeks. Because they FOLLOW the process I put together that WORKS.

SO! I am sharing the strategy here for FREE:

AND if you want help IMPLEMENTING the strategy in a sacred group container of 10 other women going through the journey with you, I have a LIVE group program starting September 1 and there are still 4 spots left! love love

If you’d like to learn the art of dating for high-quality masculine men so that you can PICK the one that you most like, respect, feel good around and admire, then this program would be a good fit.

It would also be a good fit if you don’t want to date or are afraid of dating or have never dated and want to eliminate heartache, wasted time and drama.

If you’re interested in joining us, I invite you to send me a PM and ask me about it. We will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, you can register for one of the remaining spots right away.

Every single woman that wants love can have it. It’s just a matter of dating strategy, healing wounds that stop you and learning to partner with men! I was such a disaster, if I can do it, you can too!!

Love, Emilia

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