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How Religious Dogma Can Work Against Sacred Marriage

Spiritual women destroy divine union due to religious dogma and I need to stand against it.

You will never have a sacred union marriage if you compare your real live flesh and blood human man to Jesus.

Or I should say – who Christianity-based religions TELL us Jesus is – because some of it isn’t what Yeshua actually stood for.

You’d be surprised but you might actually find more of the spiritual essence of Yesua’s teachings in a man who isn’t religious and maybe didn’t grow up with religious dogma.

There is a HUGE difference between what religious dogma tells us a sacred marriage is and what spiritual union actually is.

The spiritual essence of Yesua can be in ANY man.

He doesn’t have to be a RELIGIOUS man. Heck, Yesua himself didn’t even think of himself as a religious man!

So think about this if you’re a Christian woman.

I have seen Christian dogma affect your ability to truly embrace, recieve and be nourished in your relationships with a real, human, flesh and blood men. And this can happen in dating and in marriage and even years into marriage.

This emasculates him, makes him feel not good enough and then may send him away spiritually, emotionally, and physically or even in all three ways.

And that might look like a divorce if you’re married or just never really being able to feel close to him.

He will never be good enough for you because you’re holding him to an impossible standard.

And that robs you of the love that’s being offered to you and to him by Life, right here right now.

Just think about it. Sometimes these expectations are subconscious.

But part of creating an aligned, connected, nourishing and fulfilling sacred union with a real human man is re-visiting which aspects of this indoctrination you want to keep and which aspects are not aligned with your life experience and values.

XO, Emilia

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