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How to attract a TON of high value men with trait online

Again I want to remind you that this is the EXACT step by step process my clients use every week to meet amazing, conscious, masculine men men they go exclusive with, get engaged to in apx 12 months, then about 1-2 yrs after engagement, marry. It’s also how I met my amazing husband.

Cracking the Code: No Chase, Just Introductions


Do not go looking at men’s profiles. That will put you in chase mode and trigger scarcity and waste a TON of your precious energy and time.

Every time a man you’ve checked out and CONNECTED to by scrutinizing his profile doesn’t respond (who may just have let their subscription expire while traveling in Spain), you will go into a tailspin as to why and what’s wrong with you.

NOT useful!

And also – profiles mean NOTHING!

Just simply post your profile to one or more dating sites and ONLY reply to the men that message YOU first.

💯 Those are the men that have profiles that are ACTIVE.

💯 Those are the men that are willing to GENERATE and so it’s a good sign they are in their healthy masculine energy.

💯 Those are the men that are most likely looking for a partner.

Do not wink at men, but do “Like” them back if they “Like” you. Still don’t look at their profiles yet, it’s a waste of time because at this stage it DOES not matter what their profile says.

If you happen to be on a site like Hinge or Tinder, where the woman “initiates,” swipe the approving way on anyone that pops up that fits very general parameters (like lives near you). Don’t read their profiles because at this stage IT STILL DOES NOT MATTER.

Let me break this down more: What the profile says only matters if this man is going to call you or you’re going to meet him.

If you’re reading profiles and trying to match yourself to the right person, you’re wasting your time and energy because you may never actually speak or meet those men.

So use online dating apps as a source of introductions because:

💯 Almost ALL online profiles do NOT represent the real person.

💯 You still must MEET them and smell butts. LOL🤣

Multiple date and do not start having a “relationship” after a message, a text, a date or a few e-mails. You’re not looking for a pen pal.

Unveiling the Power of Online Dating Platforms

Don’t start building a relationship online. That’s the fastest way to get frustrated and get on a call with me crying that nothing works and there are no good men.

Get in-person introductions, invite a call first. I will teach you how next post.

Do not have more than a 5-10 minute conversation over the phone.

Pick one or two nights out of the week that you will be “holding court.” When you give your number to a man, include the information about when you’re available. That way you’re not waiting at all times for calls, you have certain times where the men you’ve given your number to will be calling and YOU!

If you do not have enough men pursuing you to feel like you have a sorting problem and not a scarcity problem, create a brand new Gmail account and put an profile such as the one I taught about last week written in manglish on one more or a few more dating sites. Use an online phone number for dating that forwards to your cell phone, if you’ve got privacy concerns.

Efficient Dating: Making Every Profile View Count for Men

Just so you don’t think I am messing with you, I’d like to tell you a 56 yr old client of mine just put her profile up on the weekend on and has close to 80 messages within about 24 to 48 hrs.

Now this might sound like a lot or overwhelming but it won’t be if you follow my 3 message responding formula that I will give you the secret to next post.

When I taught one client how to respond in that way as we were on a zoom call and going through all her matches, she was like, “holy shit you just saved me like 16 hours.”

There are 7 more secrets for a total of 9 and I will be posting one a day over the next weeks.

And if you’re single and you want my expert help meeting your match, then I invite you to consider joining my Soulmate Attraction Formula 10 Week Group Program starting on March 30th at 10 am PST on zoom. You get 5 group and 5 private calls with me.

This is a LIVE group program I am offering starting March 30th to 10 women who want to learn how to date in a way that nurturing, fun and easy while at the same time selecting effortlessly for high quality masculine men who are ready for a committed relationship.

My clients meet their dream match in 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, using this EXACT strategy but often within the first 5-10 introductions.

This program has a deep healing or component to help you resolve any past wounds and unhealthy behaviors so that you can create a healthy relationship.

This is a practical ON the ground coaching and mentorship program that gives you proven tools on how to date using the least amount of energy but getting the most results; results being enjoyable, easy dates with high quality masculine men.

If you’re interested in this program, just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over messenger to make sure it’s a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

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