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How to Create The Fire of Forever on the First Date

How does it feel if after years with the wrong man who demeaned you and made you feel small and inadequate to finally dare the dating world again – maybe with some help and maybe with some coaxing from your coach after healing – and suddenly…

You’re getting dozens of likes and messages from single men and you’re just SO surprised that it’s possible…

There are men interested in me?

I thought I was too old at 43.

I thought I would just get dick pics cause all my friends complain about online dating.

Ok there was the one that wanted to text from the bathtub and wouldn’t call LOL…

But then…

You met Dave..

and Matthew and Jason..

and Andrew..

And then there was Brad…..

Your 5th date.

And there was just an EASE with him.

and a PEACE with him.

And after the first date you thought fondly about him.

You looked forward to seeing him again.

You smiled at his texts.

You went out again

and again……

and again and he held your hand.

And suddenly you found yourself telling him EVERYTHING that you never thought you could tell a man….

Using your voice, this time. Something you DIDN’T and COULDN’T do with your X…

it was easy to speak up……honoring your no… like your coach coached you….LOL wink wink

“Thanks for offering to cook me dinner at your place Brad. I love spending time with you, but I don’t feel comfortable going to people’s houses if they’re not my boyfriend. I hope you understand my feelings.”

Yes, he understood, he asked you out to a little Vietnamese place you walked by on your last date and both commented would love to try because it’s a hole in the wall which means the food was probably awesome.

That was a deep resounding YES! “I would LOVE to eat there, you heard yourself tell him.”

“NO, I don’t want to go for a weekend trip with our kids, I am not ready for that, yet. I hope you understand my feelings.”

He did. He offered a dinner and walk.

Yes, I WOULD like to see you when you drive up here but I have a week off with my kids so I would only feel good about a short lunch date so they’re not at home alone too long.

And WELCOME. You’re in the ZONE.

You’re practicing receiving and reciprocating and his consistent, connected, fully present generating is feeling SO GOOD.

And then he says he feels so seen by you, so accepted by you and so happy to spend time with you.

BECAUSE you LET him. You LET him.

And you’re like….

WHAT TF just happened?

And I can tell you EXACTLY what happened…

We used my sorting strategy…

We filtered for healthy masculine men and you didn’t waste your time meeting any that weren’t.

You met a healthy masculine man ready for a relationship.

You showed up in your feminine and LET him generate.

And now the sacred union energy is FLOWING and you’re already DOING it.

On the online dating app you were doing it.

On the text message convo, you were doing it.

In the phone call you were doing it.

On the first date you were already IN THE ZONE.

The Fire of Forever. The Fountain of Lifelong Fulfillment in Love. The Foundation for Sacred Partnership Love.

He’s already getting to generate which is what divine masculine energy WANTS to do. That nourishes HIM.

You’re already getting to receive and be taken care of, which feminine energy longs for. That nourishes YOU.

See, if the flow is there on the first phone call, on the first date, it will most likely STAY that way unless someone in the relationship disrupts it OR allows someone outside of the relationship to disrupt it such as family or friends, society, fantasy.

The mistake SO many women make is they don’t set up that flow from the get-go. It’s almost never there for women who come to me for help once they’re in a relationship and feeling unmet.

These women generate, chase and initiate and so they end up attracting effeminate men, men who are unhealthy and want a mommy energy or men who are narcissists. Or they caretake to earn love. Or both.

That’s why my dating method works SOOOOO well and SOOOO fast.

Because I teach you how to date with the energetics of sacred union front and center.

Starting with the very first interaction and maintaining your part of it thereafter.

He either meets you or he doesn’t. And if he doesn’t, NEXT.

Because there are like 50 more messages in your online dating inbox.

And if you follow my method it only takes about 20 mins to go through all of them 1-2 times a week.

Because if the nourishing energy flow is not there on the first phone call…

If it’s not there on the first date, or even in the energy flow of the initial message exchange on the dating app then…

It will NEVER be there. NEXT.

Can you do this on your own? SURE you can!

Just follow along my posts because I spell it ALL out here.

Women just go and download my How to Pick the Right Guy checklist at, put it to practice and message me telling me what a HUGE difference it’s made for them in the quality of men they are meeting and in how they are feeling dating.

There are other times when women don’t believe the ease and flow of my strategy and how easily it works.

They miss-apply it by going on a date every single day, for example.

But more is NOT better.

“I am really working at this Emilia, see how hard I am working?”

And that’s not the idea. I ask for 1-2 dates a week.

Anything else and there’s just no point because you will NOT be able to do it in your feminine energy.

You will be stressed out, wore thin and of course you’re going to hate the process.

That’s just one simple and frequent example of how things can go wrong even when you think you’re doing everything right.

So that’s why I offer additional help in my 90 day 1-1 intensive which is a 12 week customized journey to you and your dating life.

If you’re able to go on 1-2 dates a week using my method during that time, the success rate is about 9/10 times you will meet your guy in that time frame. Occasionally it takes longer because we need to pause for healing.

I know it’s amazing and rare so that’s why I am putting it out here and inviting you to send me a DM if you’re interested in having help with meeting high quality men, selecting your favorite and laying the foundation of forever down all in a 90 day period.

If so, send me a message and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away! I still have spots open for October!

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