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How to Get Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

There is NOTHING wrong with telling your guy that he’s your dream or that he’s totally wowing you with the things he’s providing for you!

“Wow, I’m starting to think the marriage I dream about is really possible for me!” My clients often say after meeting a whole new caliber of high-quality masculine men as a result of implementing my dating strategy.

And then they are in a crux. Should I TELL him? OMG…..

One of my clients’ guy (they’re now happily married and just had a son!) offered to travel with her out of state to help her take care of her sick grandma. It dropped her heart to her knees.

Another one of my clients’ guy stocked her fridge full of healthy grass-fed food and homemade cheese (made by him) because he saw that she was super busy and didn’t have time to make healthy balanced meals.

My now husband showed up to my house with a kitchen sink – LITERALLY – with all the hoses dragging behind him as he carried it in, because my sink broke when we were dating. LOL!

And my clients wonder, how can I say thank you, when I am so wowed and moved to tears?

What should I DO for him?

The answer? NOTHING. Don’t DO anything.

Just receive, breathe, receive all over again LOL and thank him from the bottom of your heart.

And let him know what this gift will provide for you: Peace, strength, feeling nurtured, feeling cared for, saving you from stress, etc.

Here’s an example: When my hubby brought the sink, I said something like, “OMG I am SO relieved! Now I don’t have to spend my days worrying about it and waste hours calling service pros who don’t even answer their phone. And it matches my kitchen!!! You saved me so much stress. THANK YOU!”

And then guess what? He also fixed my water heater. And my kitchen island. And my fence….etc LOL 🙂

Why WOULDN’T you TELL your man EXACTLY what he saved you?

This is what the healthy masculine wants to provide for us. HE wants to provide what makes the BIGGEST difference.

And this is what the masculine will KEEP providing for us if we allow him, receive him, appreciate him, acknowledge him, LET him, surrender to him, open to him.

This is what makes us a HIGH VALUE WOMAN.

That’s why yesterday I said, the only way to let a man know that you’re a high value woman is to be receptive and a SAFE place for him to pour his energy into. Because if you don’t receive from him, he feels he’s not being valued.

Also, if you LET a men provide for you when you’re dating, they will continue to provide their gifts when you’re married.

There is no greater blessing than the energy flow of sacred partnership from masculine to feminine and back again.

So sacred is this energy flow – and so simple – that it truly is the fountain of forever that sustains a fulfilling and healthy sacred union marriage for LIFE.

The problem is that we live in a society that’s intentionally programmed us to NOT create this synergy.

It’s as if allowing a man to provide for us, opening deeply to receive and letting him know what a difference he’s making in our life, is a scandalous and unimaginable crime LOL. Treason to the feminists!

One client was worried that she was acting too surprised and shocked every time he gave her a gift or provided something that meant so much to her.

She was worried that she shouldn’t let him in on that this was truly wowing her, that this was a dream, that he was showing up in a way no one had before, that he was really hitting the mark.

Why would we even think to withhold praise and appreciation and love from men when they are pouring their love into us?

Because that’s the insidious social norms. THAT’s why marriage is hard. NOT because of who men and women are, but because of the unhelpful, destructive and degenerative messages about who we are.

That’s why I am SO passionate about this work and you see me going on and on and ON here, LOL.

I recently saw a ticktock video where a woman was saying that you should never let your new boyfriend know how much better he is than your last boyfriend. The logic was the new boyfriend would then stop showing up and just provide the bare minimum because he figures out that your last x didn’t really do that much for you, so he doesn’t need to, either.

I have seen several versions of this message over the last few months and I am just so sick of gimmicks, tricks, and manipulation in relationships.

It’s an ooooold, adversarial way of thinking about relationships and New Earth is here, folks! It starts in you and me!

And, if you’re ready to create a marriage that is a sacred union then I have a program that I created to help you do just that.

This program is a combination of smart and discerning dating strategies I developed while dating for 10 years and working with a ton of different coaches and trying things on “in the field.” The dating strategy I teach is what I finally discovered when I met my hubby. We’ve refined it with 100s of women as clients over the last 9 yrs. It’s actually BACK engineered from sacred union.

That means that if you want to create sacred union in your marriage, you start DATING FOR sacred union.

It’s honestly something I’ve never seen taught anywhere else.

On the practical level, the dating is about high discernment, important boundaries and conserving your energy so your dating time is greatly shortened and your dates are with high quality men who are ready for commitment.

Then in the intensive we work on understanding the mammalian brain of both sexes and how to communicate and connect on all levels.

Yes, you DO need this for sacred union because you’re doing sacred union in a HUMAN body.

You’re bringing the spiritual to the physical.

You’re a conduit for the divine.

You’re an expression of source in a physical body.

So once you understand how to work the flow, then you can blend the energies and alchemize all your desires as a HUMAN (because that’s what you came here to experience).

Thirdly, the skills I teach about reciprocal and transactional relationships, forgiveness, release and compassion as well as the polarity harmony of masculine and feminine, give you the tools, wisdom and knowledge as well as EXPERIENCE – because you practiced while you were dating – to create and SUSTAIN a fulfilling sacred partnership love marriage for LIFE.

Like this truly changes your life. Like forever.

My clients meet their match in 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, but often much sooner as in like 6 weeks!

If you’re ready to revolutionize your world of love and set yourself up for a fantastic marriage, then I invite you to send me a DM and ask about my Engaged in 2024 Program!

I will respond with a few questions and we will have a quick chat over messenger to see if it’s a fit and if so, we can meet on zoom to square away the details and get started right away!

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