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Flirting 101: How to Invite Masculine Pursuit

YES, you can have men approach you with flirting in 2023! You just have to INVITE them!

You just “drop the handkerchief”!!!! Here’s the modern version.

In case you don’t know what I am referring to, it’s a mid-century socially acceptable custom of selecting a suitor LOL.

It involves a woman literally dropping a handkerchief as she walks by a man.

Then if the man is single, available and a gentleman, he would chase her down and say, “excuse me, miss, you dropped this.”

Then she has the opportunity to see him face to face, flutter her eyelashes at him, smile invitingly and thank him profusely.

At which point HE has the opportunity to ask her for a rendezvous (a date).



Simple but potent.

The Timeless Art of Invitation: Delving into the “Handkerchief Drop

See, it’s something that WORKED and it was a polite way of letting a man know you’re interested without risking embarrassment or social rejection in the event that he didn’t return the sentiment or was already promised.

AND I KNOW it’s 2023 but THIS. STILL. WORKS!

Because it’s the same ENERGETICS that worked for masculine and feminine energies THEN still work NOW.


He GETS TO pursue!

In this post, I want to tell you how to master the art of flirting in person and “drop the handkerchief” so a man will approach you.

There are so many ways to drop the handkerchief and here are a few that I have used over and over and taught to my clients and they WORK!

Flirting 101: Modern Tactics for the Feminine Woman in 2023

Let’s just get very clear on what dropping the handkerchief means.

  • To a woman it means that you’re letting a guy know (in a way that’s classy, clear and compelling) that you’re open to him and you’re inviting him into your space.
  • To a man it is a clear, engaging and attractive invitation to pursue.

Available, masculine interested men will and DO respond to these invitations and always have and always will.

Let’s say there is a single man standing behind you in line at the grocery store and when you check out his hand, there is no ring.


Alternatively, you can also position yourself within proximity to a man that you’d like to try this with and ask him to pass you something he’s blocking as he’s shopping and his cart is in the way.

Here’s what you can do with a bit of strategic flirting:

  1. Ask him to hand you something that’s close to him like one of those magazines or a pack of gum at the checkout or whatever he’s blocking with his body or cart if you’re in the isles.
  2. Smile wide and hold your smile and eye contact and count to 5 Mississippi. I repeat count to 5 Mississippi or this will not work LOL.
  3. When he hands you the thing say, thank you so much and then…..


  1. Notice something about him out loud! “Oh I love your shoes by the way… or Oh I like your glasses by the way…. or I like your tie.”
  2. Smile and hold eye contact and count to 5 Mississippi in your head (yes, a second time) LOL

If that man is a masculine man and he is single and available, he will chase you down, girl!

But just make sure you give him the chance by hanging back while he completes his checkout, don’t disappear. LOL

Flirt subtly and wait around in eyesight of him. If he is AVAILABLE, he WILL PURSUE you as you gave him the international feminine to masculine invitation.

And if you’re a feminine woman and you’re genuinely receiving his presence into your space he will sense that and want more.


If he doesn’t approach you after this invitation it’s most likely because he’s NOT single, he’s not available or he’s not masculine.

Let me say this another way just in case.

If a man is single and available and interested (you have a lot to do with him being interested but it’s not about you if he’s NOT available so don’t take it personally), he more than WILL take you up on your handkerchief drop.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

A few tips: Don’t go for a man because he’s your 10 on the attraction scale.

Start with a man that is just a normal guy.

Its Ok to ask him to pass you something you CAN reach but he’s closer to. Yes it’s silly but he likely won’t notice because he’ll be too focused on you!

This is truly FLIRTING 101, so as you’re flirting, don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy the interaction!

This will make for a fun interaction even if you do it “wrong.” 🙂

It’s always fun to have some fun and take others along for the ride.

An open attitude of curiosity and interest will help you learn a TON about men just by interacting with them in these low-pressure fun ways.

So have fun learning!

Online vs. In-Person: Maximizing Your Opportunities in Today’s Dating World

And finally, a note: This method of obtaining a suitable introduction is far LESS efficient than using the online dating platforms for introductions.

So, I don’t recommend that you employ this method as your sole introductions strategy.

The main reason is that online, with effective flirting techniques, there are plenty of available single men to choose from and you can filter through many more people at a time to connect with the right high quality men.

The in-person method has you dropping a handkerchief to one man at a time and you’d virtually need to be at the grocery store doing this several times a day LOL to get the equivalent of the volume of prospects I recommend you filter through in order to meet the Right Guy in 2023.

Just send me a DM if you’re a single woman and interested in meeting a high quality man and starting a long-term committed relationship that leads to marriage and is built on trust, play, creativity and fulfillment!

I teach this and many other online and offline fun dating methods for meeting high-quality masculine men in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

That’s how my clients meet their guy in an average of 10 dates but in as few as 5 dates. That means you can be building your future with Mr. Right before the end of 2024.

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