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How to Know When it’s Time to Deactivate Your Dating Profile

Deactivate your dating profile.

If you’re dating for marriage, you need to deactivate your dating profile.

That’s because the energy and time you’re spending on it at the moment I can guarantee you is a waste.

How do I know this?

Because over the last 9 yrs I’ve spoken to hundreds of women who are frustrated to TEARS with online dating.

It’s not working for them!

They HOPE it will work for them but they only get frustrated, resentful and disgusted. And some start hating men. And some give up on love.

So if you’re dating online right now – STOP.

Just don’t do it until you read my process that’s helped 100s of women find their guy, get engaged and married to healthy masculine men who WANT to be partners.

Anything else is a waste of time. I can tell you that now at this stage in my coaching business with absolute full confidence.

Why is it a waste of time?

Because you’re connecting with average men when you should be SELECTING only healthy masculine ones.

But if you’re like 90% of women I talk with, you don’t know HOW because no one taught you about healthy masculinity.

So you’re meeting average men who are NOT interested in a relationship or marriage, when you should be selecting men who are looking for a partner from day one.

And if you’re like 90% of women I talk with, you don’t know HOW because no one taught you how to determine if a man is ready for union.

Then you’re getting into relationships and situations ships with the wrong men and then feeling devastated and heartbroken when it doesn’t work out because you didn’t pick the RIGHT guy. And I am SO sorry for this!!!!!!!!

And if you’re like 90% of women I talk with, no one taught you about intentional dating, the signs of healthy masculine man and the signs of a man who wants union.

This is not on accident, by the way. There is spiritual, social and cultural attack on the nuclear family and so you’re intentionally left without education, support or guidance in creating the most important aspect of your life in a way that WORKS for you, your man, your children and as the foundation for community and society.

And naturally…….

OF COURSE you’re going to think men are losers if this is how you approach dating!

You’re meeting the WRONG MEN!

You’re meeting the average man.

You’re meeting unconscious men.

You’re meeting unhealthy men.

You’re meeting a slice of the average population when you should be SELECTING a SEGMENT.

You need to SELECT and know HOW.

You can learn this VERY quickly as it’s NOT complicated, just counter-intuitive for most women.

Now due to this, I see women start to lose hope, and acquiesce to using dating for entertainment, to avoid feeling lonely, to feed your hopes and fantasies that are usually based in family of origin wounding and you will feel drained AF and fed up within just a few weeks and give up.

You will meet a man that looks good on “paper” and like him and stop meeting other men to “see where it goes” but it won’t go anywhere and in a few months you will be back to square one and you will not know how you ended up there.

Because you simply don’t know how to vet men for the RIGHT characteristics and qualities. Not because you’re dumb or gullable but becuase this is NOT taught in school or in society very clearly at ALL.

And once you learn what these characteristics are, you can spot them RIGHT AWAY. Like it does NOT take months. Just weeks.

NOT doing this just perpetuates the drama and the tears. And honestly, why? Why struggle when you can just implement a simple solution that WORKS.

SAVE yourself ALL of these problems and mistakes that can sometimes cost a detour down the wrong path for weeks, months and in many cases even years.

It can also cost you having kids with the wrong man and having to deal with all the drama that happens with that. You can avoid this.

It takes like 10 mins to read this checklist at I created on how to DATE for Marriage and use online dating platforms to procure an ocean of introductions to High Quality men who are Masculine, Healthy, and WANT a commitment. Then Pick your FAVE.

Stop wasting your time and energy on anything else.

And if you want more help, I am happy to chat with you over messenger or zoom about the programs I offer that support women in moving through anything and everything that’s in their way of a healthy, hot marriage.

I have two main programs; a 90 day 1:1 intensive to meet your DREAM Man and a 1:1 “Get Engaged to Your Dream Man in 12 Months” program that is a year long.

Both programs allow unlimited access to me, so I hold your hand while you IMPLEMENT my dating process and start meeting men completely different from the men you were meeting before.

In both programs we work on strategic dating, healing so you can be in your power and create a thriving relationship with your DREAM man and partnering so that you can lay the RIGHT foundation for lifelong love.

The 90 Day intensive focus is on meeting your DREAM man whereas in the 12 Months to Engaged Program’s focus is on not only meeting your dream man but also laying down all the right foundation to get to Engagement and a Marriage that is HOT and HEALTHY!

Send me a DM if you’d like to chat about this or anything else you want to ask or share!

Love, Emilia

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