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How to Meet High Quality Men with trait online

Many of you are telling me you’re not meeting any good men. I believe you. I’ve been there. AND!!! Then how come I am meeting them pretty much every day? (My clients meet good men all the time and I, vicariously through them, LOL.)

Unveiling the Secrets to Attracting Quality Men

When I say good men I mean conscious men who have a job, are financially stable, have a degree, are intelligent, are caring, are masculine, are ready for a serious relationship and have so much love to give.

So yes, WE meet them all day every day.

So they are out there.

Yes, they are out there for YOU too.

You just don’t know HOW to meet them and you’ve been meeting the wrong ones, thinking that’s a representation of ALL men. And it’s not. And I’m sorry because I’ve been there and I know how much suckage there is.

Here’s my first secret on how to get introductions to a ton of healthy masculine high quality men.

SECRET 1: CAST A VERY WIDE NET (this is because you will SELECT/SORT/FILTER and not CONNECT)

Use any dating website as a wide-reaching net. Post a relatively general profile with no more than 3 month old photos – one of face, one of full body and one of you doing an activity you love.

Your first criteria is to have men read it and respond appropriately.

Having men respond to you is allowing them to be the generative, masculine energy which is the dynamic you want if you are a feminine energy woman – the equivalent of dropping the handkerchief.

So just go online and drop the handkerchief.

No you’re not marketing to the entire world that you’re single.

No you’re not being promiscuous.

No you’re not cheapening your value.

You’re just dropping the handkerchief where men can SEE it. Ok?

The ad should read something like this:

“Hi, I am a feminine woman and I am single and looking for a gentleman to share my life with in a long-term relationship. I am full figured and curvy, I do not have any children and I like to walk in parks with lots of trees. I am 32 and I work in IT. Your message gets mine. 😊 Thanks for reading.

This ad is written in “Manglish.”

This is written specifically for a MASCULINE man.

It’s written in such a way as to give him all the QUALITY information he NEEDS in order to decide if he wants to generate a connection or not.

Don’t write your ad in “Womanglish,” going on and on about all your favorite things to do. No showcasing yourself and what a good catch you are. No pouring your heart out and sharing your dreams.

NOT here, not now. This is not the time or the place.

And not doing this actually HELPS.

It helps because you’re already being a PARTNER.

The Art of Casting Your Dating Net Wide

You’re already providing important info that every single high quality masculine man looking for a long term relationship is asking in his head.

He’s thinking:

-She looks good, but are her photos recent? If you caption your photos with the date and it’s recent, that will answer that.

-She lives near me but would she be Ok that I have my two sons living with me full time (and if he reads that you’ve got kids living with you full time too, that will answer his inner questions).

-Nice profile, but it it real? If you write, “your message gets mine,” he will think ok, let’s find out and send a “hello, nice profile” to “PING” you.

-Does she have a body I like? (And this does NOT mean what women think it means. He’s not looking for a MODEL. He’s looking for a feminine woman he can feel at HOME with. To a healthy masculine man, those are two VERY different things. And there are many more shapes and sizes than what’s on magazines that real human men find attractive.)

With that ONE paragraph written in Manglish, you’re answering ALL of his inner dialogue.


YES! I am a master, I know.

It’s only because I was such a disaster that I am now a master.

Ok, now for the rest:

“Your message gets mine” will test that he has read to the end. Also it’s very important as feminine woman to invite men into our space.

If a man (even a gorgeous, high quality man) knows he will get a message back, he will surely be much more inclined to risk writing.

No one wants to feel rejected.

The use of the words “gentleman” and “long-term” will reveal your dating intentions.


The accurate description of your appearance and life stage will have men replying who are interested in your body type, family situation (i.e. has children) or life stage.

This weeds men out who are not going to dig your body type or life stage because you don’t want to waste your time dating them (because it won’t be fun, it won’t honor you and it won’t end well – oh – and there are PLENTY of men for ALL body types and life stages).

Crafting a Profile that Speaks to Healthy Masculine Men

This way, all men who message you, will have already been (extremely efficiently if I may say so myself) screened for:

1. Being the masculine energy and willing to initiate connection
2. Reading and basic reciprocity skills
3. Wanting a woman with your body type, age and life scenario

Your brain should be going DING DING DING!!!!

Isn’t it such a relief to NOT have to worry about those 2 months into a texting fling because you’ll never have a texting fling or waste your time with men who don’t meet the above criteria if you date this way!?

There are 8 more secrets for a total of 9 and I will be posting one a day over the next weeks.

Abd if you’re single and you want my expert help meeting your match, hand-holding, tissues when you cry and lots of love and care to help you attract a ton of high quality masculine men so you can pick your fave, then I invite you to consider joining my Soulmate Attraction Formula 10 Week Group Program starting on March 30th at 10 am PST on zoom.

After taking nearly hundreds of online courses, I no longer believe in that model – because very few people are able to EXECUTE and EMBODY lessons from a purely online experience.

So this is a LIVE group program I am offering starting March 30th for a max of 10 women who want to learn how to date in a way that nurturing, fun and easy while at the same time selecting effortlessly for high quality masculine men who are ready for a committed relationship.

My clients meet their dream match in 3-6 months at a rate of 1-2 dates a week, using this EXACT strategy but often within the first 5-10 introductions.

This program has a deep healing or component to help you resolve any past wounds and unhealthy behaviors so that you can create a healthy relationship.

This is a practical ON the ground coaching and mentorship program that gives you proven tools on how to date using the least amount of energy but getting the most results; results being enjoyable, easy dates with high quality masculine men.

If you’re interested in this program, just send me a DM and we will have a quick chat over e-mail to make sure it’s a fit and if so, you can register for one of the 10 spots right away.

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