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How to Never Feel Drained Dating and Find Your Match in Just a few Dates

There are no conscious healthy masculine men in your world because you’re spending your energy on men who’re not generating in your direction.

Because I can guarantee you there are PLENTY of men who can MEET a feminine leader like you in ALL of the things and you can meet your man in about 90 days working with me.

But there are reasons why women spend energy on the wrong men on repeat. And over the years I’ve seen all of them.

They really only boils down to you just not knowing that there are men who would trip over themselves generating in your direction if you LET them and INVITE them to.

That’s why the getting introductions aka dating method I teach is such a gamechanger. Women tell me how it completely relaxed their nervous system dating the way I teach and how it’s such a relief. NO MORE DRAINING DATING DRAMA!

That’s because I show you how to ONLY give your energy to the men who’re generating in your direction.

AND….how to invite men to generate in your direction…

AND how to know if a man is generating in your direction…

AND how to know if a man is NOT generating in your direction…so you can NOT spend your energy on him LOL

AND how to know if a man generating in your direction is a healthy masculine man because not all men are and it’s very important to learn how to SELECT.

This is such a simple lost art and learning it is absolutely and fundamentally going to change your life. FOREVA.

I can’t tell you how many problems this ONE simple awareness solves for your mindset, for your self-confidence, for restoring your dashed hope in love, for reclaiming your feminine power and living in your feminine influence when it comes to men.

It is PRICELESS. But you can learn it for $1,111 LOL!!!!!! Because…..

I’ve officially opened the doors to my next Everything Dating program. It starts June 27th. I am accepting 11 women and I teach all my programs LIVE! You can DM me right now and save your spot for just $111 and I already have 3 spots taken!

In the current cohort we just finished week 5 and there are such amazing men courting my wonderful students. We’re having fun, we’re meeting men we like and we’re learning the energetics of healthy hot sacred union.

Ya, you know that thing that lands you in the RIGHT marriage?

Yes, that. LOL

The energy flow.

So I would LOVE to chat and see if this program is a fit for you, send a DM and ask me about it!

I will send a few questions to see if we’re a fit and if so you can grab a spot right away!

Looking forward to forever changing the trajectory of your love life,


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