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How to Tell Right Away if He’s Masculine, Healthy and Available

There is ONE thing that if you’re dating online and you start doing, will absolutely transform your life and it’s VERY VERY simple.

Give your phone number to the guy messaging you within about 3 messages.

If this freaks you out, just buy an online call forwarding service for $9.99 a month or get the free google voice and give them the google voice phone number that forwards calls to your actual number.

That way so strange men (some of whom will become your sacred teachers until you meet your dream guy if you follow my method) don’t have your ACTUAL phone number but a temporary camouflage LOL.

This is a SELECTOIN tool.

Not a connection tool.

A selection step.

Giving the phone number is a FILTER.

It’s not for CONNECTION because he might not USE it.

A sincere healthy masculine man that’s healthy and ready for a woman in his life will USE that phone number.

The WRONG man won’t.

If he’s going to get his panties in a knot because a woman online gave him a phone number, he is one or all of these:

-not a healthy masculine man
-possibly not even a man LOL
-not really online looking for a sincere connection
-not ready for a relationship
-wants a texting friend
-wants to mess around on the app for vanity points
-wants a pen pal because he’s bored
-is NOT available – he’s married, for example
-wants a textuationship GET it LOL
-is on the app to see how many women he can get responding to him for vanity points
-is messing the F around and you want to send him the F away as fast as Fn possible, Ok?

Also – are you NOT giving the number not to offend him LOL?

Are you NOT giving your phone number so they don’t feel put upon?

So you don’t send them away?

Is this really Ok if I give him my phone number, Emilia? YES.

You see this ONE thing – giving out the phone number which is soooooo easy to do brings up SOOOOO much for women.

This is why this one simple step usually requires healing for a myriad of reasons.

When you work with me 1:1, I help you through the energies that are blocking you so you can take the RIGHT action that supports your love goals and manifests your dream man within an average of 3 months. DM me if you want my help!

Because if you can TAKE this one step and give out an Fn phone number and then observe how a man uses it, you will circumvent a shit load of problems women deal with dating online.

Because the wrong men (I listed the kinds above) will NOT call.

They will go TF away. YAY!

Or they will write long texts or WhatsApp messages. And that will tell us everything we need to know.

They are the WRONG man if they don’t call.

Let me say it again. The WRONG men don’t call.

And by doing this ONE thing you will send them away and you won’t spend your time and precious life force trying to make it work.

They won’t reel you in with their funny and witty writing that ever so craftily indefinitely keeps you at arm’s length.

A healthy masculine man, sincerely looking for a good woman in his life, will USE the phone number to get closer to her.

And HOW he uses it will tell us everything we need to know.

Like do you send the phone number and he writes back on the app? I tell you do NOT respond.

We gave him a phone number and he didn’t use it

He’s too scared or put off by the big bad phone number he got OMG what if she’s a scammer.

He’s gotten the phone number WHY isn’t he using it?

If that gets his panties in a knot LOL…

If he says, “I’d feel more comfortable to write more here first,” (effeminate, don’t fall for it because now you’re taking care of HIS feelings and being Mommy)…..

Or if he says hold your horses are you a scammer…..

Or if he says you should be careful giving your phone number to strangers…

That TELLS us everything we need to know.

He’s the WRONG man because he’s NOT using the phone number to close the gap between him and you.

My husband, by the way on our first date told me, “You should be careful giving your phone number to strangers.” HAHA

I told him, “Thank you for your advice and wanting to help me and protect me. 😊”

But he’s a healthy masculine man, he USED the phone number and that’s the reason we were on a date in the FIRST place LOL.

And now 13 yrs later that’s the reason we’re married LOL.

Like if I hadn’t given him my phone number, we might not be married. LOL. Isn’t that CRAZY?

Like, what? I am gonna pussyfoot and play pen pal online for another 12 messages and emails until the guy decides he “feels comfortable” enough to ask me for my phone number? Noooooo.

Until HE’s comfortable with me giving MY phone number LOL?

No, that reverses the whole energy flow because then I am no longer focused on why I am dating online and what I am creating but I am focused on not making someone else uncomfortable. NO.

Until HE’s feeling safe that I am not a scammer? NO.

Until 10 messages from now I offer the phone number but he STILL doesn’t call? NO.

Until it’s been 6 months of pen pals because he “travels too much” to call and meet? NOOOOOO.

Healthy masculine men put their big boy boxers on and CALL and SHOW is in ACTION that oh wow, they actually have the balls to FACE the possibility that you might be a scammer.

Or whatever else using the big bad phone number might bring LOL.

Wow imagine that, a man with balls!

That’s all for today, bye LOL.

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