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How to Work With Me Privately

I have 2 openings in April for Feminine Leaders who are ready for Divine Union.

The women that get the most out of our work together are spiritual, conscious creatrixes and generational cycle breakers. You are a woman who is expressing her creative power in the world through your work, ministry, mothering, creating, living, volunteering, or all of the above.

The common thread with the women I work with is not age, race, size, world location, or history.

The common thread with the women I work with is that they want to take full creative responsibility over their life and design the life of their dreams and be LOVED in your full POWER.

You are the multi-passionate soul adventurers and world travelers who tend to be coaches, entrepreneurs, visionaries, teachers, therapists, healers, spiritual workers, ceremony leaders and life transition honorers like birth and death doulas.

You are already living your dream life with a deep connection to the Divine through your creative self expression in the world.

And the only thing missing is that Sacred Masculine counterpart to share your life with.

You know you’re ready for him and you’ve been thinking about dating or are already dating but you may be finding the path rocky, uncomfortable, awkward, unfamiliar, dystopian, dehumanizing, and maybe even disgusting. In other words: NOT FUN.

And yet you want to meet your Divine Masculine and so how will we do that, God? You ask.

You repeatedly pray and leave it up to Divine Creator to connect you with your perfect match but every now and then you get a sneaking suspicion that there could be something that is your part to do in this whole thing, LOL!

If you’ve been wondering what your part in creating Divine Union is, because you’ve been praying and praying and he hasn’t yet knocked on your door while you’re deep in meditation LOL, I want to guide you!

There are just 3 very important steps, you as the feminine leader and powerhouse in your world, must take in order to help Great Spirit help YOU.

Just 3 things: Healing, Dating and Partnering.

1. Healing is anything and everything you need to truly, sincerely and completely OPEN your heart SAFELY again.

2. Dating is anything and everything practical so he can FIND you that has to do with HOW to get plenty of introductions to HEALTHY MASCULINE men who are READY for a feminine partner, so you can take your pick.

3. Partnering is anything and everything that has to do with HOW to create sacred energy flow with a masculine being in your life so that you’re nourished, delighted and SAFE; and so is HE.

These are the 3 areas we work on in my 90 day 1-on-1 private intensive so that you’re doing your part to meet the Divine in this manifestation of Sacred Union I know you’ve been calling in, if you’re reading this!

If this resonates with you, I invite you to send me a DM and ask me about working together. We will have a quick chat over messenger or zoom to feel into if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started right away.

My clients meet their match in an average of 10 dates, but often much sooner, like in 3-5 dates.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears and I know you will feel in your heart if it is that time for you.

I am looking forward to connecting with you in my DMs. 💗

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