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Feeling tired and Frustrated Why Are Relationships So Challenge?

I am so tired of doing all this WORK! Where TF is he?! Why are relationships SO FN hard?!

Because we live in a society where men and the masculine is weaponized and used against women and the feminine is weaponized and used against men under the guise of “equality.”

There I said it.

We were never UNequal, we just weren’t the SAME.


Weaponizing our complementary differences under the guise of equality is effective in dis-empowering us because we so deeply need each other work.

If we’re made to worry about equality, we forget that what we ACTUALLY need, is to be in our POWER.

If we want powerful partnerships, we need to exit the “equality” paradigm entirely. That is a paradigm of adversaries because we’re focused on “being equal.”

We need to enter the “complements in their power” paradigm – which is what I teach in my 90 day 1-1 private intensive for women who want to attract long lasting love in the next 3-6 months.

Let me share a little more…

First, no one is an island. And just because apples and oranges are not the SAME, doesn’t mean they aren’t equally nutritious and valuable.

No one is self-sufficient even though that’s another one of the clubs this “modern” era beats you over the head with.

Yes, we are sovereign.

But that doesn’t mean we are self-sufficient.

We are meant to be in partnership, we are meant to live in community.

It’s like saying a Dolphin is self sufficient.

Everyone knows it’s cruelty to isolate and keep a dolphin alone and without its pod.

It will suffer and die.

And we suffer and die too, divided we fall. We are alive but not truly living.

And when I say divided, I mean men and women cannot be divided over such a thing as equality when we are already profoundly complementary – and equally SO!!!

We need each other. Deeply.

We are fighting each other on “equality” when equality isn’t what we need, we need our personal power.

We’ve been focused on the wrong thing, led there by whom?

Equality doesn’t allow us to thrive.

Women tell me, “I’ve been to years of therapy, excavated and healed my emotional trauma and done coaching and courses galore but why TF am I still attracting the wrong men?”


Because talk therapy isn’t enough to get to the root of the issue.

You need to stop treating men as the adversary under the guise of equality.

You can see the weaponization of race is happening in the exact same way.

You just need an understanding of men, the masculine, the divine masculine and how men respond to women – not as EQUALS but as DISTINCT COMPLEMENTS.

I was just discussing with a potential client how even her therapist doesn’t know this.

Even strong, hardworking and emphatic women are getting themselves into unhealthy relationships and they don’t even KNOW it.

Because in looking for “an equal” and not “a complement,” they attract effeminate men, unhealthy men and narcissists rather than healthy masculine men.

Therapists are trained in modern universities operating from the weapanization paradigm. Who funds the universities?

They teach the same model – that we need to be fighting the opposite sex for equality when in reality what we should be standing for is theirs – and our – full power.

We don’t need equality, we need a path to being and staying in our power when in relationship.

Because otherwise we are equally powerless. LOL! relationships relationships

Not helpful. Same old. So 1989.

For what good is equality when both partners are taught that being in a relationship means giving up your power, settling, sacrificing, compromising and playing small all the while fighting for “equality?”

So, dear woman…

If you’re still here doing the work to be with the love of your life – let’s face it, you’re not the norm.

If you’re not there yet, it’s because you still have not gotten all the puzzles pieces in place for the thing that your rebel wild woman soul is trying to create.

But that’s not because something is WRONG with YOU.


Something is RIGHT with you.

You want true sacred union with your divine masculine counterpart.

This is your desire, this is your calling, this is your path.

You want something extraordinary – because it’s outside the realm of THIS ordinary reality.

And I have great news – it’s something ENTIRELY possible because it’s the divine blueprint that already exists that your heart is longing for.

And if you want help manifesting it into reality, I help women do this in my 90 day 1-1 intensive.

In that intensive we work on dating, healing and shifting out of unhelpful patterns and beliefs about men and finally partnering powerfully for a relationships love connected on every level that LASTS.

If this resonates with you then I invite you to send me a DM and ask me about the intensive! I will respond and we will have a few questions over messenger to see if we’re a fit and if so, we can get started the very same day!


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